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Monday, 24 September 2012

A play. What I wrote...

Er, hello.

Just thought I'd pop in. See if anyone's still there.

Although, to be honest, I'm sure they've all buggered off to facebook and twit-whatever.


If anyone's still abaht, guv (Sweeny talk - see how with it I is?) you might like to know about this wee event this Saturday (that's wee as in small, btw, as in the the world wide view of things, not wee-wee - don't take the piss)

Saturday 29th September 7:30pm
Play in a day Showcase at Harrow Way, SP10 3RH
Four new 15-minute plays from four new playwrights in a rehearsed reading. Directed by John Baxter. In association with Andover Community Theatre. Tickets £5.00 Concessions £3.50.
 Paypal £5 payment button
 paypal £3.50 payment button

Go here for the webby page: http://bigupwords.co.uk/

'Course you'll want to know who these top class, competition winning new playwrights are, right?
So whizz over here: http://bigupwords.co.uk/competitions/play-in-a-day

Back now? Great. Yeah I know... oh my gosh - one was, ahem, me.

Play in a day winners

We congratulate
Burnt Toast by Andrea Pierce
Dunkirk by Gareth Turpie
Annicka by C Cuthbert
The Dividing Line by Ann Palmer
Interlinked by Helen Sei  

I'll be there all day as part of the prize is a day's work-shopping/mentoring/developing etc, followed of course by the red carpet/champagne/flowers/adulation etc in the evening.

If you're around that way, and fancy coming along, I'd be delighted to see you there. x