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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Happy Birthday Google!

13 today and still provides 90% of searches. Apparently.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Stand up and be counted...

Why did I do it?

You know what it's like: You're watching a Comedian, and your friends say "you're funnier than them; you should try that" or you're telling your fave joke in the pub and your mates say "you should be on stage."


I went for it.

And guess what? It's much harder than it looks...

I wrote a funny little script. It's part of the job description. Conned Groundlings Theatre into letting perform on one of their excellent Embryo nights, where new acts try out their new material, hence the title, and got a brilliant o.t.t. introduction from Rafe, the flamboyant compere.


Froze after the first two lines!

The lines garnered the laughs they were supposed to, but rest of my rehearsed skit seemed to have flown out the window.

After a silent, internal blind panic of what seemed hours to me, but, I was assured later, was mere seconds in real life, I recovered enough to bung in a few ad libs, whilst my brain desperately tried to recall the rest of my script.

Fortunately, having had the presence of mind to leave said script with my friends, I made a joke of challenging the audience to heckle me with their bizarrest one line heclkles, but obviously cheated by only responding to the odd phrase shorted out from my script!

These covert prompts did the trick and the show flowed (sorta) on.

As well as the applause, I received some much needed feedback on my performance.

The most important being "learn your bloody lines" and "Don't freeze."

Still, I couldn't have been that bad, because they've actually booked me for the new acts comedy night on the 28th this month!

Oh dear...

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