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Thursday, 31 July 2008

(97) ITV's commissioning wishlist

ITV spells out commissioning wishlist:-
Now new director of television Peter Fincham has briefed his team, Broadcast reveals what ITV's commissioners want, don't want and can't go without.

"ITV spells out commissioning wishlist" from the "Broadcast" website. See if your project is what they're looking for or if theeir wants inspire you. Check it out here:-
http://www. broadcastnow. co. uk/itvcommissioning_wishlist

or, of course via your favorite Spec Monkey's blog here:-

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

(96) Scene this Spec Monkey?

Yeah, yeah, know we're all busy with Red Planet ( How's yours fermenting? Mine's coming along fine, thanks for asking...a new one for this year, although last year's did alright...I placed in the top 2000 odd...)and all the plays, Spec movies an' all, but just thought I'd let you know your favorite Camel Riding Monkey is on http://www.myspace.com/sheikspear and Facebook/Sheik Spear too.

In between rewrites, plot points, character arcs, etc, and the general staring out of the window, why not take five and drop by to say hello...?


Monday, 21 July 2008

(95) Sunday Rocks...

...at the Admiral Drake,Portsmouth!

Have a good weekend?

We did!

On the lazy-hazy Sunday Mrs S & I rode the camels (er, ok, bikes) down to the old A.D. for a free charidee Rock fest!

Sunny Sunday afternoon, picnic on the way by the water, then rocked the day away!
Can't get better!

Amidst a collection of sparklin' chrome wielded together into awesome chopper styles, Harley D's and Jap rockets (and bizarrely an armoured car!) the beer flowed and the bands rocked a happy Pompey crowd at the Admiral Drake Community Festival Weekend!

Alternating between the vast open air auditorium, ok, car park, and the more intimate interior stage, the top selection of bands played for free and all the proceeds (raffles, auctions, lucky dips, collections, etc) went various well deserving charities and a great time was had by all.

Unfortunately we couldn't make the Saturday, but of the fantastic Sunday line up, particularly awesome were the Jam look & sound alikes Autum Stone, the heavy metal Stone Free, (best Black Sabbath "War Pigs" since Tommy & Ozzy!), the classic rock covers of Dr Rock, and the Whitesnake tribute band Whitefake.

More please!

Thursday, 17 July 2008

(94) Job Opportunity

From the Broadcast website; a chance for your foot in the showbiz door:-

Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant - London


Recruiter Type:Direct



Not Specified

Posted:16 July 2008

"MGM Worldwide Television Group seeks dynamic administrative assistant to support team of London-based business development executives.

Ideal candidate is comfortable managing core office tasks and helping manage all aspects of international client relationships.

Full literacy in Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Powerpoint a must. Language fluency in French, German or Spanish a plus.

Please email all CV’s to the amillett@mgm.com"

Or check out the link above.

When you reach Exec, remember who told you about the job...

(93) Congratulations!

Congratulations to Michelle Lipton and Piers Beckley!

No, silly, they're not getting engaged or hitched or whatnot...

Michelle is through to round two of the BBC academy (and as earned herself a place on my "All you need to know ( U.K.)" list!) and Piers, clever fellow, has written and directed an excellent short movie, "Fatal", which he'll let you see here...

Well done the pair of you!

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

(92) Smile


Bought an air freshener for my motor.

Only 99p from Wilkinson's.

And they hid a lovely liddle poem on it...

...under the citrus fragranced smiley face...

...to help make the world a better place...aah...

So I'd thought I'd share with you cynical lot!

Sunday, 6 July 2008

(89) In case you missed it...

The SWF reports with loadsa links to other peep's reports are cascading in like an information waterfall.

So, if like me, you missed it/couldn't make it/wish you had gone, check out the following for snippets of info/inspiration/photos of drunk spec monkeys:-

Danny,Dom,David,James,Jason,(loadsa photos of all your Scribo-faves at Jason's e-gaff),Martin.

You've been reading their words, now you can see their faces...

should you feel brave enough...

Friday, 4 July 2008

(88) Have you scene this..?

I know the movie posters challenge comp is long over (many thanks to all those who took part)but I'm sure you'd agree this has got to be a contender for one of the best, had it been around at the time...

See Brendan's blog here

(87) a quick troll round the blogosphere...

...to catch up on what I missed whilst away. I actually came back on the 30th but had work/life/usual things etc to sort out before I could crank up the old WWW.

First, my thanks to Super Nun, Lady Elinor of London for dispatching my prize from her comp, "Story" by Robert Mckee, to greet me on my return from my adventures. Anyone know if it is any good?

Loads of you went to SWF, maybe next year for me, when I've more to pitch, more experience/confidence to blag people into believing/assuming I know what I'm talking about...

Looking forward to reading your reports, when you recover from the hangovers,info overload and lost voices from all that pitching and networking. First SWF blog I've found is David Bishop's excellent highlights here and, even better for Dave, he got in free as a guest speaker!

Sir Jason of Arnopp has King Steven of Moffat's exclusive interview here
Shared only with only us, his virtual buddies, and the few billion readers of Dr Who mag.

Word Lords Sir Daniel Stack and Sir Robin Kelly have the lowdown, with loadsa links, about something called the Red Dwarf prize or summat, here and here, though I've never heard of it and probably neither have any of you...

Information Queen, Her Majesty Lucinda Vee has a brilliant research list here to help give all your scripts an edge of realism.

Lady Rachael, of Castle Howard, tells us here about the success of her latest plays and the dangers of encouraging all those pesky new speccy writers...

"Talking" of new writers (well, new to me, anyway) check out Brendan O'Neill and Scampenstein . I wish I'd thought of it; I think he can sell this on the title and poster alone!

Duchess Potters reports on the Sharman Macdonald talk she attended here

Scribe Oli needs your vote here to help him decide on his next exciting opus...

Now, surfing done, bashing out this quick round up has made me come over all strange, an old feeling I've not had for a while,I've got to go write before it goes...

It's good to be back!

"See" you all soon,
Sheiky, xxx

Thursday, 3 July 2008

(86) I'm back!

Did ya miss me?

Anybody there?