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Thursday, 16 October 2008

(106) Updated profile, writing update and scripts

Updated my profile here and at http://www.myspace.com/sheikspear. Hope it looks more Writery. What do you think? All Comments welcome. How's your writing going? Mine's going well, thanks for asking, trying to finish/polish my 2008 Red Planet spec, but wouldn't you know, another brand new "blinding" spec idea keeps barging it's way to front of the muddled mind maze to crave development.

Different genre. Different era. So can't even sneak it in past the first ten pages already sent. Have to save it, on the usual scribbled bits of scrap paper*, for later. Unless the original protag falls into a time vortex or becomes a time traveller...Maybe he walks into this old fashioned Police telephone box and...

So, talking of time travel...

Here's something special to inspire you all:-

http://www. thewriterstale. com/scr. html Six scripts from the great Sir Russell T. Davies, OBE, including "Midnight" a true Master class (pardon the pun) in tight, gripping writing. Pure Class. Top education.
Read them!

* Anyone else do that? Use the blank back of letters/old scripts etc as notepads?
No? Well, you should now we're all supposed to be green!**
**That's green as in recycling, save the planet, roll the whale back into the sea, green. Not green with envy at those scripts...

Cheers, Sheiky

P.S. Just scene (seen-geddit?) Sir Daniel's gone all time travelly over at his "e" gaff too...http://dannystack.blogspot.com/2008/10/time-travelling-writers.html

Thursday, 9 October 2008


Hi gang!

Hope this might be good for somebody "out there"...

Only just got this- I know it's really LATE notice but some of you might have something to go and if not it's only a 100 word pitch on something you might have... The panel are mainly Doc makers but it does say drama or ANYTHING
I've sent 2 - it's free no postage so why not? You never know.
Good Luck,

Pitch it here:-

"Euroscript News
Pitch Up 2008
Pitch Your Idea to Channel 4
Urgent Deadline: this Friday 10th October
Just in from Stellar Network - it's a very tight deadline but we wanted you to see it:

Do you have an incredible new TV idea that you would love to pitch to the people who REALLY matter- the commissioners and executives? Stellar is teaming up with Channel Four for a major new TV pitching event which will allow you to do just that. "

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

(104) Maybe...

Maybe I'll get the call from Red Planet...

Maybe not.

The great Russel T Davies tells us about another maybe, "The Maybe"...

"by the time I come to write, a lot has been decided. Also, a lot hasn't been decided, but I trust myself, and scare myself, that it'll happen in the actual writing. It all exists in my head, but in this soup. It's like the ideas are fluctuating in this great big quantum state of Maybe. The choices look easy when recounted later, but that's hindsight. When nothing is real and nothing is fixed, it can go anywhere. The Maybe is a hell of a place to live. As well as being the best place in the world"

Sounds familiar, does it not?

The great Paul Campbell, one of my "all you need to know" (UK) scribes, has a brilliant post about the doubts, triumphs and maybes of pro screenwriting here

Sums up why we do it. Or rather strive to do it. Maybe.