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Sunday, 27 April 2008

(68) F***ing Computers!

F***ing Computers!
The P.C. died last week. Not poor old Plod, but my wonderful electronic friend who stores all my secrets.
And scripts!
Fizzed out, the bastard!
Yeah, I know. "Should have backed everything up or written it all via Scripped or Celtex etc".
Well lucky I did have most of it saved of my memory stick. But you know when you say I'll back it up again next week...

DON'T! Back it up now!

I'm gutted.
I've lost all the begining of my new script (the play) and some ideas/precis/outlines from the Ideas file.
It's also lost me a lot of time; all the swearing and faffing about trying to get the bastard fixed/ recovered/whatnot.
It got stuck in a "loop" and wouldn't do anything. Not even turn on or off.
Just sat there. Looping. And laughing at me. The evil looping, laughing electronic bastard!
Anyway, Mrs S got it going by re-loading the discs etc but of course, anything not on the stick got lost.
The sticky stuff has saved it's self to some bizarre sub-word form, so I'll have to copy and paste that into my downloaded again script smart gold (thanks auntie Beeb) to make it look nice and scripty again.

Anyone know if my "saved" stuff on the pc is still lurking about in there somewhere?
Or how I can recover it if it is?
I mean, they catch crooks and pedos who have deliberately wiped everything (they think) so maybe someone out there knows if I can recover my play? It was saved to my documents...

Anyway, Hello again, peeps, I'm back!

(unless the evil electronic bastard does it again...)

Saturday, 19 April 2008

(67) OOD MY GOD!

Ood my God! The new series of Dr Who just gets better and better. Three 10 outa 10 episodes in a row. I wondered how they could follow last week's brilliant The Fires of Pompeii by Sir James Moran so my congratulations to writer Keith Temple for his excellent "Planet of the Ood" episode. Thought provoking stuff, especially the battery hen and sweat shop digs. Pah, Humans. Exploitative bastards! If I was an alien I'd make sure the Human Race stayed on the Earth. Just get to ruin only one planet then.
So, Dr Who, how can they keep that up?
'Cos they are writing Gods...

Thursday, 17 April 2008


All those screenwriting comps and script calls to enter as detailed in the previous posts?


Not enough time in the day to write all those scripts?


Just can't stop writing?

The Sheikspear-Acme writer's accessory company has the answers:-

1/ Drip feed coffee

2/ The writer's bed

Have a great Weekend!

(65) Ketchup...

It all happens in Blogworld on the scribosphere when you're not watching.
Just like Eastenders. Stop watching and that'll be the brave, award winning, step out of the box episode that everyone talks about!

Lucy's been declared "Spam" by blogger. (think they've fixed it now)

Piers has done a Dr Who and changed his face/body!
So if that is Piers, who was that?
Which one is the real Piers? Is he real or is he totally a BBC/The Mill cyber creation?
We need to know.

Dom has a shiny brand new 10 minute script he wants feedback on here

Dave's surfed like crazy and dug us up some great full of info and free read screenwriting and short film sites here

Rachael's applied for the BBC comedy college (Good luck Rach!) So has my Pro writer contact (good luck Carol!)

And the wonderful Robin and lovely Lianne have generously put up a list of screenwriting contest/script calls/opportunities dates for us here and here in a calendar form.

Phew! Thanks Guys!

As a tribute to regenerating Piers ( and indeed all Dr Who fans) here's an ace video of great regeneration scenes...

Doctor Who: Regeneration - Everybody's Changing


Apologies to my fan, but I've been neglecting the blog lately.Further sincere apologies to the rest of the scribosphere as I haven't been whizzing round that either for a while checking on all your most excellent adventures. How are you doing? Don't how James Moran finds the time (and energy!) to write for nearly every top new show (see his blog) and write a blog (see his blog) and answer questions/comments/posts!

Well, I do, really.
He has a keyboard surgically connected to each finger (and two spare ones for blogging connected to each thumb for the blogs).
And he has the eerie, super energy of the insane from all those evil thoughts of slaughtering yuppies.

Sowhatcha been up to Sheiky? I hear you ask.
Or perhaps it's just the voices in my head. Again.

Well, I had a great "meet 'n' greet" with real, live pro writer ! In real life! Not a cyber webby e- cafe thing. A real one in a real cafe just along from a real theatre! Showbiz!
I must admit I felt a bit of a fake. Me, the wannabe, using up the valuable writing time of a real, professional, earn your living by your witty words, Scriptwriter!
But she was really nice, we had arty - farty speciality tea and coffee and a very pleasant hour or so chatting about our art. ('ark at me, OUR art!)

She gave me loads of advice, one of the main ones being keep up your contacts. People naturally move about a lot in this biz, and unfortunately she's lost some of hers. She also gave me a few pointers on play writing, as she has quite a few produced plays under her belt, or rather, on her CV. Basically, casting; few as the story will possibly allow for a professional (non west end) theatre and conversely, as many as you get away with for am-dram, so everyone can get a part.
We're staying in touch and I'm looking forward to meeting up again next month.

I'm walking to work now for new job. A fast 15 minute each way which keeps me fit ( or at least slows down the body fat build up) and gives me some subconscious plot/character/dialogue thinking time.
It's also quite funny seeing peep's faces when this fast walking madman (me) suddenly stops mid stride to whip out his note book and lean it on the nearest wall to make a flurry of furiously scribbled notes before he forgets them.
And I most probably have a strange, or at least pained look on my face when I try to decipher the garbled Sheiky shorthand. What on earth did I mean there...d/f runs to g/f etc???

The play's bubbling along nicely on the stove, now. Will add more spice, and probably a bit more meat in the re-write. I always like to finnish a project first through to the end before too much rewriting - yeah, I know - I have rewritten the beginning of this one again already - but that's different, because...

a) rules smules - they're there to be broken - we're creatives, don't tie us down!

b) the old beginning stank like a dead fish

c) and it was boring!

Have also been doing mucho research in presenting and writing up to a pro standard my spec quiz/panel game idea. Many thanks to Dave for the sites he sent over for me to trawl through.
It's gonna take quite a bit of time to do it right. As with everything, it's rewrite, rethink, and polish, polish, polish until it shines. Then the sun will reflect off the top notch shiny spec and it will burn it's impression onto the commisioning exec's cornea. He won't be able to forget it's wonderful precis and therefore will buy it. For the big bucks. That's how it works, friends. Something like that, anyway.

So, quiz/panel game to the back burner for a while, as I must finish the play. Even if I miss the deadline - if it's not polished enough, at least it will be more ammo in my writer's armoury.
And agent's pack...
if any agents are reading this...

Hi, my name's Sheikspear and I'm a scriptwriter...

Sunday, 13 April 2008

(63) DR WOW!

Don't suppose any of you have even heard of him, but there's a quiet unassuming writer chappie called Moran, or somfink like that, who's become a bit of a writing success and blogging legend...

Seriously, major CONGRATULATIONS to the great Sir James Moran of Severance fame (and, no doubt by now, fortune) for his Fantastic Dr Who episode!

Perhaps a certain Mr Moffat now has a rival?

If you haven't read James's blog before I urge to go here and read every word.
All the "back blogs". Everything.

James shares his frustrations and triumphs from beginning to write "Severance" or "Craw lodge" as he originally called it, right up to the triumphant Dr Who "The Fires Of Pompeii"

Hear from the great man himself here.

(You might have to scroll down the right hand column to "Writing The Episode")

Friday, 11 April 2008


Bet they're listening to Queen!

Have a great weekend!

(61) TV Quiz spec

So, Amigoes buenos, the blinding idea for a new TV quiz show.

Got the all notes, but how do you write that up as a presentation/spec idea for the Prod Co's?

Any ideas/advice/examples around, anyone know?

Best to send a polite enquiry letter first, do you think?

I'm going to "script out" the set idea, teams, rounds etc with a few sample questions for examples of scoring and fun to be had.
Then polish it until it shines. Or at least until only the good bits are left!

And, apart from the obvious of noting the company/producer/etc at the end of current quiz shows, anyone know of any that seek/accept unsolicited ideas?

All comments/advice gratefully accepted!

Thursday, 10 April 2008

(60) Have you seen this spec monkey?

No, not lately. Because he's been on holiday! Had a great time, thanks, folks, - Mrs S and I were sunning ourselves, actually on the beach, in the Costa Blanca, Spain, whilst it was Snowing here in Enger-land. Unbelievable, eh? Only 2 hours away by plane. Even better with a cheapo flight, but your arms ache from all that flapping! They have to cut the costs somehow... Anyway, a Big up to superstar DJ RICKY , living the dream, on Exite FM and the gang for giving us such a great laugh. Again! And Hola to our new superstar DJ amigo Johnny F on rival Renegade FM and Mr Entertainments themselves, Johnny Zeller, daft old feller, and Dan "the man". Quaffing Champagne (ok, Cava!)in the sun with a gaggle of local celebs: that's showbiz! But I'm back now, so how you all doing? Have I missed anything? Commiserations to Dom as it now seems his short won't get made for now.
Danny "the guru" Stack's got some golden Tony Jordan wisdom beamed straight down from the Red Planet itself.
The Lovely Luce has written another several volumes of inspired advice for me to catch up on (how does she do it-I only went away for a week and a bit?) Robin Kelly's found a free script (or scripped )software and a video cast from Commissioners, Andrew Davies and Russell T Davies, among others. Rach has conquered writers block and got entries off for this and that, and Dave's shed has got bigger and better!
Wow! You've all been busy!

I've come back with not only a tan, but a notebook full of ideas to follow up.
I also gave myself some serious notes on my play as I mulled it over now and then.
It's amazing, the subconscious, the luxury of covertly thinking it all through without actually attacking the keyboard has given the play a new, bolder beginning and more of an edge to the characters.
I've really got to crack on with writing/rewriting it now.

Also came with, what I and Mrs S think, is a blinding idea for a new TV quiz show. Got the all notes, but how do you write that up as a presentation/spec idea for the Prod Co's?
Any ideas/advice/examples around, anyone know?
And, apart from the obvious of noting the company/producer/etc at the end of current quiz shows, anyone know of any that seek/accept unsolicited ideas?

Any comments gratefully accepted!

Well, got to go now...
I have a hot date!
No, not really, Mrs S wouldn't allow that!
I'm having a "luvvie" lunch/coffee with the successful PRO WRITER!
Yes, we've finally found a tiny gap in our busy schedules and are actually going to meet! Fingers crossed I don't disappoint or bore her to death with too many, probably really stupid questions!
Mustn't forget my business cards...