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Thursday, 28 February 2008


Still on the movie posters theme, here's the one for the sequel, TITANIC 2...


Not too productive this week, I'm afraid. Job and real life,blah,blah, plus re-reading some older stuff and having a confidence crisis, ie,it's sh- er, rubbish, after doing all my e- learnin' (see prev blogs).

Or maybe now I'm better at this writing lark.
Yeah Sheiky, baby, that's more like it.

So lots of rewriting to crack on with.
Got 2 pitchs in for Four (hurry last day today!) so see how that goes.

Couple of peeps (Thanks Rach, Wing Co, & Dave) have put up some posters...
Any more of you up for the challenge?

Monday, 25 February 2008

(36) Movie poster challenge

New reader Wing Co of the Royal Air Farce has asked us all (see comments on prev post) if we know where he can get web movie posters of old WW2 classics like "Dam Busters" "First of the Few" and "Reach for the sky" for his blog.

Anyone know of any?

I've directed him here, where they sell movie posters

Do you know of any more?

Be sure to check out his blog, Royal Air Farce, if you like beautiful/bizarre/interesting images, including this Thunderbirds one I've never seen.

Anyway, the ol' Wing Co got me thinking, why not do a "Your 3 favourite Movie Posters"
challenge around the scribosphere?

Go on you know you want to...

Here's mine...

The all time Classic...

Top Sci Fi, less publicised but even better than The Matrix...

And finally, Bond, James Bond...

OK, a bit of a cheat, 'cos I found this multi-one, but they're all classics, the 007's, in a good fun way and their posters are always entertaining.

So what's your three faves?

Thursday, 21 February 2008


For my Gentlemen Readers, May I present My new Secretary...

...talented girl...

And a for my Lady Readers, the New "Must Have" Mouse...


Well, the short play I mentioned in the last update isn't going too well.
The idea and twist are still good, but the characters aren't right.

Quite wrong, in fact.

The Protag's ok, intriguing even, but the second character loses her thread, the next is, er, frankly unbelievable and after that...it seems to get worse!

Funny, it seemed such a good idea at first.

But I tried to rush it for the deadline, and even worse, for me, tried to "force" the story out of basically a half baked one sentence idea.
Ok, sometimes that works, that's great.

But this time, no, it didn't.

Still, I believe no writing's ever wasted, even on a project that just doesn't work out - at the worst it's practice, honing your skills on those rough bends of that steep learning curve.

At it's best it's something for the "Ideas" or "Rewrites" file, - leave it to gently stew and maybe it'll taste good at later date.

So, no new 1/2 hour play for now!

On the positive side, have entered 2 projects for the Channel 4 "A PITCH IN TIME" contest, so feel good about that.

How about you?

Have you stalled on a new project?

Did you get it going again at a later date?

Are pitchin' at four?

( Rach is, just put that in as thank you 'cos she taught me how to do the link thing)

The Sheik needs to know...

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

(33) Cheap Laptop

I do all my writing in notebooks at work, and on the PC at home.

So when a nice old feller called Arfur offered me a really cheap laptop with what he called a telephone attachment, (bless him, he obviously meant a modem), well I jumped at the chance.

I know a bargain when I see it...

Saturday, 16 February 2008



Do you live in wee Glasgie?

Do you like Films…


You do?

And you’re free on Thursday?

Lucky you, because…

Snap is a celebration of short documentaries, and now it's coming up to Glasgow.

Free drinks and filmmaking advice:-

Snap will be screening a special selection of FourDocs and 3 Minute Wonder.

The films will be screened from a projector in an organic microbrewery bar under the arches. So, come, watch, play, chat and drink!

Snap will be about all evening to tell you how to submit your films to FourDocs, and pitches to 3MW, and get in on the Channel 4 talent ladder.

Time: Open 7pm, screening 9pm, Thursday 21 FebruaryVenue: Mono, King's Court, King's Road, Glasgow, G1 5QP
It's free to attend this event, but please RSVP to fourdocs@channel4.com

For more information visit www.channel4.com/fourdocs

Friday, 15 February 2008


The story so far...

After their last two fiascos, (see blogs 21 and 23) our favourite Contractors have been split up and made to work on their own.

The Boss’s theory was it would help them concentrate on their jobs.

Ext. - Late Friday Afternoon

Contractor#1 ( into phone)
Bollards Jim! I’ve cocked it up again...

Contractor#2 (into his phone) Yeah, me too...

Sorry, but that's it for Jim and his mate for now, as they've been sent on a retraining course!

So for all their fans, here's one they did earlier...

Thursday, 14 February 2008

(30) It's over

It's officially over

This was sent today to WGA members from Presidents Verrone and Winship:

To Our Fellow Members:

On Tuesday, members of the Writers Guilds East and West voted by a 92.5% margin to lift the restraining order that was invoked on November 5th. The strike is over.

(29) Scene these??

Torchwood Babies!!

I "kid" you not...

There's a whole comic strip here:-


And Dr. Baby Who!!

And they're promising more!

Great Fun!

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

(28) Me? Me? Tagged?

That lovely gun totting nun, Sister Elinor http://lockandloadbridesofchrist.blogspot.com/
from the The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence faith, has me-me’d me with the magic words:

“Stuff the creativity, I have tagged you in a meme about film books”.


Looked it up and found it originated from formerly bloggless Martin http://afarawaycity.blogspot.com/ and whizzed round the scribosphere like a very fast whizzy thing, only to crash land here at the Oasis.

Apparently I must reveal my screenwriting books and then tag other poor scribes who should be penning their Oscar winners, so they can stop and do likewise.

Got it.
Wish I had more Movie books as I do most of my clever learnin’ and stuff on line (see prev posts on “EDDY KAYSHUN” and my links).

So here goes:-

Writing for Television: How to Write and Sell Successful TV Scripts by William Smethurst

A writer of numerous TV and radio scripts, BBC script editor, ITV executive producer of drama series, and now a director of an independent television company.

I found this book an absolutely brilliant introduction to my new career (‘ark at me.)

UK TV scriptwriter and producer (Jupiter Moon, etc) Mr Smethurst writes plainly and guides you through, starting with the encouraging line “Television needs you.”

Thanks William, tell them I’m on my way…

The Complete Book of Scriptwriting by J. Michael Straczynski

Fantastic book by top Hollywood screenwriter Lord Straczynski (Babylon 5, etc
he wrote 91 out of 110 episodes!).

This book is used as part of the course work in some Film schools apparently.

I found it a great read, Joseph (or Joe as I call him!) writes in an easy going entertaining way yet somehow remains informative and serious at the same time.

He starts with the history of films coming from theatre etc and includes loads of examples as he leads us through TV, Movies, Plays and animation – the guy’s done it all.

He even includes a Babylon 5 script to show you how it’s done!

James Bond Book of Movie Posters by Tony Nourmand

Classic artwork.
And some bizarre foreign 007 posters not scene (geddit?) over here.
Just Great.

Now, it’s my turn.

I tag/meme :-

Dom – (if he’s got time now he’s a movie scribe…)

Rach http://sharppencils.blogspot.com/

Robin http://www.robinkellyuk.blogspot.com/

Bill, if he wants to play from the USA! http://www.sex-in-a-sub.blogspot.com/

Sunday, 10 February 2008


So many words, so little time

I read somewhere that this here writing lark is either famine or feast.
Haven’t quite got to gorging on big writery pay cheques yet but I do have a huge volume of writing to, er, write…

Finished Spec Movie first draft!

Although I’m really pleased with it, I’ve promised myself I’ll study and absorb all that there learnin’ I wrote about a couple of blogs back and put that new knowledge to good use on the second draft before I allow another pair of eyes to peruse it.

Top writer Dom Carver has reviewed and given excellent feedback, encouragement, and a few “no, no”s on my TV spec drama.

Now, reasonably enough, he wants to see the re-draft of that…

Another Top scribe, Sir Robin Kelly, is encouraging me to write my Reindeer Spec movie after feeding back on its synopsis (see previous posts)

Oh, yeah, and the Rom Com script, too

Meanwhile, I'm still hanging on the line awaiting Prod Co’s answer (or lack of it!) re Kids Spec

Probable rewrites there as well…

Then there's the other stuff which I have to do by Feb 29th…

Channel 4’s pitch in time (We still have time!)



And I’ve an outline for a play for the Windsor Fringe Marriott Drama Writing Award
(Oh, great idea Sheiky – you’ve not written a stage play before and it’s the same tight time scale again, Feb 29th)

Probably won’t make the play deadline (Nah, really Sheiky?) but the idea is begging me to give it a go…



Anyone else attempting either of these?

Anyone else have loads of “real” writing to be getting on with but still buggering about on blogs instead?

Come on then, let’s go and be creative now.

Write now!

(26) WGA: We have a tentative deal

Looks like the fat lady’s about to sing…

…as it could be over.

Full info here….


Including the “tentative deal” here...


But it appears the WGA have secured a fairer deal, United Hollywood sums it up as:-

"When they get paid, we get paid."


(25) Movie deal!

Top blogger lands movie deal!

Pop over to http://www.doms-world.blogspot.com/ to add your wishes of best luck to Dom who is off to that fancy Landan, innit geezers, on Monday to officially meet the Director who will shooting his first film!

Excited and nervous, Dom’s put up his hilarious “must be prepared” checklist he’ll be ticking off on Monday morning.

Read his script on http://www.thescriptwriter.co.uk/

All the best Dom for Monday Dom

Saturday, 9 February 2008

(24) True Grit, True Brit

The Gene Genie is back!

The best all true Grit, true Brit British TV hero since Sharpe swaggered back on our screens on Thursday in “Ashes to Ashes” the eagerly awaited “Life on Mars” sequel.

Ok, so far it’s not as good, but then again it never really could be.

L.O.M. was fresh and original, with a great “what the hell is going on?” hook.
Everyone, including the new coma time traveller, knows what’s going on here.

But the new ones’ still fun, the bird’s gorgeous and hey we got big, bad Gene bashing the baddies again!

Ok, so he’s slipping into a bit of a parody of himself and the shows a tad too aware of his hero status with the big music build up and camera angles but it’s still a great show to watch.

I just wish they had had the bottle to do a straight Gene Hunt 1970s Cop show this time Yeah, I know he was only in Tyler's imagination etc, etc, but this is showbiz, they could 'ave ignored all that and given the fans what they wanted; Gene's classic one liners and his twisted way of doing the right thing! And lots of sod the rules baddie bashing ala Reagan & Carter!

Here are a couple of great sites well worth a peek…

The great actor himself

Loads of info etc

Everyone knows Philip Glenister stole the show in “Life on Mars”
But here’s another loving look at the other sadly missed real star from the show…

Friday, 8 February 2008


Ext. - Late Friday Afternoon

Bollards Jim! We've done it again!


Have a great weekend!

Monday, 4 February 2008

(22) For Ramona

All the old songs tell you Saturday night’s all right for rockin.
Well, Saturday in the Capital really Rocks!

Olde London Towne shook on its historic foundations as Portsmouth’s own “For Ramona” rocked the St. Moritz Club, a trendy, intimate music venue somewhat reminiscent of the infamous Cavern Club with its painted walls and archways leading to the stage.

This exciting young band, currently surfing the very cusp of the big time, was ably supported by the gorgeous Miss Kitty, an exotic dancer who, er, jiggled rather well to the raw, vibrant indie rock belted out by El D, Mr A, Fish and Numbers, their guest bassist.

The guys took command of the diverse Soho audience right from the explosive thunder of Mr A’s stampeding drums opening. With the crowd totally mesmerised “For Ramona” turned the musical heat right to the maximum inferno setting.

Fish’s eloquent string teasing had his guitar weeping gentle melodies on the favourite tracks like “Little Sister” and “Easy Rider." He soon racked it up into roaring hard rock on other crowd pleasers like “15 miles from Nowhere”, and “Ain’t always a reason,” at times treating us to some very Edge like riffs.

The vocally versatile El D, effortlessly ranging from hard rocker growls to soft, haunting singing, led the band through a storming set.
Leaping to his feet to play rhythm guitar for the gutsy finale, he temporarily abandoned his beloved vintage Fender Rhodes electric piano which helps give “For Ramona” their distinctive sound.

As ever, the whole crowd had been transformed into hysterical fans and bayed for more, devouring the demo CD’s the band gave out after their devastating gig.

But don’t just take my word for it; do yourself a real favour, catch these boys live!

Gigs, demos and full band info at:-

Friday, 1 February 2008


Ext. - Afternoon - Busy Friday High Street
Come on Jim, crack on with the tiding up an' I'll buy yer a pint on the way back to the depot
(Looks back) Bollards!
Nah, honest I'll buy yer one...


Info shamelessly stolen from Danny Stack’s blog…

Secrets out!

The winner is….

Well done Joanna Leigh, the Red Planet prize winner.

Full info http://www.redplanetpictures.co.uk/news/news.html

The highly regarded comp is back in the summer, there’s all that there learnin’ to do from the previous blogs and the Gurus in the links opposite, so there’s no excuses not to enter again this year…

If your nerves can stand it!

Congratulations Joanna, good luck with the future.

And well done Danny on your 400th post…all of ‘em scriptwriting gold, sir!

Danny as many of you know, (though some may not), was one of the instigators of the Red Planet prize along with His Holiness, the legendary Tony Jordan

Best wishes and congratulations to Danny and writing partner Sam for being short listed out of 2000 for the Time/ Chicken House book prize!

Full info at:-


Regards, Sheiky

(19) Eddy Kayshun 3

Big thank you to Lord Chris Soth of Hollywood who has sent me my prize from Lucy’s logline comp.

Only something called “Million-Dollar Screenwriting: The Mini-Movie Method” !!!!

Don’t ‘spose you’ve heard of it?


What a Great prize!

He also generously included an e-book made up of his first 4-5 interviews at his other website venture: HollywoodByPhone.com –

“where I interview working Hollywood Lit Agents, Manager and Producers for an audience of aspiring writers like ourselves every week. All the calls are recorded on MP3 and transcribed (eventually)”

Thanks Chris!

Check him out at


So, I’m going to finish my 90min Comedy Spec script as promised.
Then, spend a few days devouring Chris’s book and all the other ed-you-my–kayshunal material as described in the previous 2 posts.

Then try to remember it all!

Then apply what I’ve learnt to second draft.

Then compare that new, informed wonder with my previous scripts (See “about me”).

There should be a big difference.
Courtesy of that old learning curve.
Unless, of course, I was spot on to begin with…

Yeah, yeah, ok… I’ll be rewriting them too.

But they’ll be great this time!