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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

(140) Cheapo B & B in Poole?

Hi ya all!

Just popped in to ask if anyone knows a cheapo place to stay near the Hamworthy Club in Poole where, apparently some famous screenwriter is having a secret birthday bash on Sat?

Quick update while I'm here:-

Busy, busy. I still whizz round your gaffs to see how you're all doing but, sorry, I'm a bit pushed for blogging time at the mo'.

Received some great feedback from the Beeb on not one, but two projects. I'll post about it later.

My comedy movie is being read by a producer as we speak. And he's going to Cannes...hope they pitch it there for finance!

Got to go as I have to finish my "Coming up" script.


Sofluid said...

Woweeee! Can't wait to hear about all that!

You've nearly finsihed the CU script... eeeek. Mine's all treatmented out, just need to bash out the script and then enter the re-writing zone. Hope I can finish in time! it'll be the first screenwriting comp I've ever entered...


Best of luck 'chelle!

Have a great easter - though it looks like you'll probably be writing - just as well the weather's gonna be c****!

Cheers, G

Tim Clague said...

Where were you? You missed Dom dresses up as Batman