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Thursday, 4 June 2009

(149) Great night!

Big hi to my new readers from last night!

Meet some great new peeps at the DV City Screenwriters Group meet last night.

After informal chit chatty greetings over a glass of wine in the quaint little garden bar of the Arts Centre, adjudicator Christina announced the order of play for the script feedback forum.

And the wretched, chained victims were dragged in to cower before us to be torn to shreds!

Ha! Only joking!

It was very friendly but in a totally honest-"we've been best friends for ages so if we don't tell you who will" kinda way.

Scribes were told what we thought worked about their script/treatment, which hooks grabbed us, which characters came to life etc and, of course, all the bits that were, as we say in trade, a bit "iffy".

People took their notes in the spirit they were intended; to make the script/ project the best it could be. Plot ideas were offered in open discussion and at least one scribe talked about taking their project in a new direction as a result.

Moving inside to the arty old soft leather sofas( which we strangely ignored, opting to sit round tables ) for coffees when it turned to evening chill, we discussed short films, where to pitch, peeps other projects - past and present and got know each other a tad.

A local filmmaker asked us to pitch him some ultra micro budget/no budget short scripts next time. So, watch this space on that one!!!

It was good to meet so many talented locals! (and an adopted Pompolian from NZ !- a long way to come for a meet but hey, that's dedication...)

Great peeps, good networking and I got to give away some more of my famous biz cards.

And one scribe was a fan of this blog! (So, hopefully they all will be now!)

A great, informative, fun evening and I shall definitely be going to next months one...

...have to really...

...two of my short scripts are up for scrutiny...

by real live people! In the same room as me! and my scripts!

Oh-er, Sheiky...what have you done...


Sofluid said...

Sounds fabulous! I only wish there was something similar in my area... closest for me is London for meetups! A more local/easily accesible location would be ideal through. I shall have to scout for screenwriters in my local area somehow and maybe, if there are people and they are interested... I could organise one someday... *dreams*...

Good luck coming up with those lo-no budget film pitches!


Thanks Michelle.

Where is "your area"? Thought you were "darn sarf" too.

If you like, at next month's meet, I can ask the co-ordinators, Roy & Christina if they'd mind emailing you with a bit of "how we set it all up" advice.

Take a look at thier page (linked on blog) and tag down to "Screenwriters"- might give you some of your famous "Lightbulb" flashes!

Cheers, Gareth

Sofluid said...

Thanks Gareth, that'd be brill!

My area is "darn sarf", in Bedfordshire ;)

Thanks a lot for the help and advice! :)