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Thursday, 15 October 2009

(173) Shooting my script

Shooting my first movie tomorrow!

I've been secretly putting together a very talented team for the DV Mission 48hr film challenge.
I originally entered in the (very) Low Tech section - just me, a scriptwriter with a mobile phone camera...

I put an ad out on the site to see if anyone was interested in joining my team and it kinda snowballed from there!

I thought it would be a great idea to do a trial run, to see if we can all work together and all the techie various bits 'n' bobs can actually electronically talk to each other etc, etc.

So, now we have a real "proper" Director, a real camera complete with an enthusiastic, hot young cameraman, a Musical Director with a Tardis load of sound fx and a super bossy uber furher producer to keep us all in check!

And we shoot tomorrow. My script. Sort of. The editing axe has been swung severely for "production reasons". Oh dear. Hope I don't let them all down...

Oh yeah, one more thing...

We've haven't got any thespians.

So now my good self, my lady wife, the lovely Mrs S, and Alex, our Musical director will play the parts.


Oh dear.

Seemed like a good idea at the time...


Michelle Lipton said...

Ooh, break a leg!

You gonna put it up for us to see it when it's done?



Cheers Michelle!

Congrats on your new writing gig with Lara!

Yep, I'll put it up here, youtube, & FB when:

1/ the edits finished

2/ someone techie shows me how...