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Thursday, 12 June 2008


Well the old enemy the evil Dr Time and his nasty cohort Real Life, have beaten me again. Twice. Maybe, no, make that definitely, I tried to do too much. BBC Sharps, gone, dropped out. My effort's just not good enough. The idea was/is there but the execution, well deserved an execution! Without the blindfold or any last requests. It was stale, boring even. The Muse visited briefly, then taunted from a far.

Then, Bruntwood...
Missed the deadline. Can't blame the postie. It's the damn spec monkey. Didn't finish it in time, let alone polish it.
Sunshine, Pompey's cup celebrations, relationships, work, other commitments-all non screenwriting by the by, (how can that be? Am I not serious about this?) trimmed the weekly page count down to, well, to be truthful, nigh on zero in the end.

What to do?

Well, finish them both for the portfolio now the deadline pressure has passed. And work and complete one at a time. I'm not a James Moran. At this point in my writing I need to focus on one at a time.

Still on the bright side got mentioned in Blake Snyder's logline competition.
And he's Hollywood!

And even brighter, won Sister Elinor's "Story" comp! (Thanks Super-Nun!)
And she's Pinewood.
Or Cricklewood, or nearby...

And on the even brighter side I'm off on HOLIDAY tomorrow!
(promise I'll take me notebook...)
See ya all when we return!
Sheiky, xxx

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