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Thursday, 4 September 2008

(99) Hi World, I'm still here!

Sincerest apologies to my fan who emailed and asked if I was OK!

Fear ye not fellow Scribes, Ol' Sheiky is still in the game...

Sorry for leaving the blog floating all alone in cyberspace for a while...


I have been very busy lately!
Don't worry, I've still checked in to sneak a peek at your gaffs to make sure you're all still OK (although quite a few of you have been a bit blog slack too...).

Glad you're all well and writing!


Well, busy, busy, busy with family, work and domestic projects...
...and, oh yeah, yer actual writing!

Been tiding my files and scraps of paper to sort out an order of sustained attack to move things up a gear, and build the portfolio into a professional agents/producers pack.

I really feel I have improved and have a greater understanding of scriptwriting than I did last year, and want to try to reflect that in a slight change of direction for the blog...

Totally script orientated only from now on. (Alright, maybe the odd funny!)

Writing wise, things are moving on a pace...

Had a few proper - yer actual writer - meetings!

Two turned out to be time wasters who had great huge pies in the sky, but one is ongoing and gives me the chance to be really writer-ery and tease you with the news that I'm involved in a secret TV project!

Yeah, me!
But my lips must remain sealed until the time's right (just before it goes on air??)

RP project 2 is going well, and will be entered on time!
Brand new show for this year although last year's entry is out in someone's inbox as we squeak! (and, no, that's not the secret TV project...yet!)

My film script is in it's tightening up stage and should be flying off to the RISE summer challenge soon.
You're all entering that one as well right? Right?

Anyway, must go, lovely talking to all again!

p.s. I orf on Holiday again to get Mrs S some Sun (she works hard, bless her) so I'll see you all again in just over a week!



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