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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

(102) Song Me-me

The effervescent Rachael me-me'd er, me, with the following...

“Find a song that sums up what you think it means to be a writer and post the lyrics on your blog and why you've chosen it. NB: It doesn't have to be your favourite song, it just has to express how you feel about writing and/or being a writer. It can be literal, metaphorical, about a particular form or aspect of writing - whatever you want. Then tag 5 others to do the same (reprint these instructions).”

So, with apologies to Mr Lennon and Mr McCartney, here's the song lyrics that always remind me of writing and inspire me to lovingly splash the ink across the parchment in the vain hope that one day my mad musings may be committed to celluloid...

Scriptwriter (Paperback writer amended)

Dear sir or madam, will you read my script?
It took me years to write, and should be green lit
Based on a novel by a man named Lear
And I need a job, so I want to be a scriptwriter,

It’s the dirty story of a dirty man
And his clinging wife doesn’t understand.
His son is working for the daily mail,
It’s a steady job but he wants to be a scriptwriter,


It’s a thousand pages, give or take a few,
I’ll be writing more in a week or two.
I can make it longer if you like the style,
I can change it round and I want to be a scriptwriter,

If you really like it you can have the rights,
It could make a million for you overnight.
If you must return it, you can send it here
But I need a break and I want to be a scriptwriter,


Scriptwriter - scriptwriter
Scriptwriter - scriptwriter

My turn!

First of all, I me-me everyone to reply to this me-me here and Rach's Dave, Lord Moran, Young Arnopp, Paul "Eastenders" Campbell and Sir Robin Kelly for this one...

As a small reward for your efforts, here for your delectation is the original, unamended version by some little known sixties band, in apparently one of the first ever promo videos ever made...


Paul Campbell said...

That Ringo chappie... what did he do again?

Poor sod.


He got very Rich on the other's coat-tails!


Don't forget the OPEN TO ALL meme here:-