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Friday, 14 November 2008

(108) Last Chance 1700 tonight!

Got your pitches in to SWF 2009 yet???


Well pull your typing fingers out!
You've only got 'til 1700 tonight and they've already extended it once for you...

Come on. Write. No more excuses. You'll be sorry you didn't.

You know your story's good enough...

Pitch it!


laurence timms said...

I did already! For once in my life I beat a deadline. Well, I had everything ready to go on the last day and then 10 minutes after I sent it off, I saw they'd extended the deadline.

Either way I'm sitting back and puffing contentedly on my pipe as far as SotP is concerned.


Well done Laurence. Hope to see you there.

Perhaps I should call you Mr Timms, now that you're a RP finalist...

Double well done Mr Timms, Sir!