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Sunday, 30 November 2008

(110) Congratulations and Commiserations


A bit late 'cos I've been away on hols.
Big up to the Spanish posse: Ricky, Josie, Mo, Dave & Michie, the 2 Johnnies et al.

Mrs S & I actually returned to the grey on Tuesday, but SO much to do/tired/hung over/lazy etc) only just got on the Blogosphere...

So HUGE Congratulations to all the very talented spec monkeys out there who got through to the Red Planet films full script call!

Special "well dones" to all my fellow bloggers who got though because, well, I "know" you, I follow your successes and near misses (no failures here!) like you follow mine, and I love you all.
Truly do.

Especially whoever wins. Can I write one of your "guest" writer episodes?

Now stop reading this and go polish those scripts!


Commiserations to everyone else, myself and the Camels included, who got the "close but no cigar" email. Naturally the Camels really got the hump about it...

Well, I tried my best, that's all anyone can do, and it wasn't good enough/not what they wanted/didn't have legs/whatever.

Disappointed? Yeah, course. Giving up? No, course not!
There's loads more leads to follow. Loads more comps to try. Loads more Prodcos to spec to. (We are after all, Spec monkeys, remember?)
There's "RPIII: The Revenge" next year, where your script really is the best ever. And this time they'll realise it.
And remember all the projects you were working on before RP became the be all and end all?
Yeah, those ones...Good weren't they?

Remember how passionate you were about them? Yeah! Good!

So wish all the best to your buddies who are through, get over your knock back, and pound that keyboard 'til it melts from the heat of your red hot script rather than that can of petrol!

Now stop reading this and go finish those scripts!


laurence timms said...

Oook ook! I never knew I was a spec monkey till I read this. Now I understand why I hang off light fittings and fling poo while trying to explain my latest script ideas to my wife.


And I thought it was only me did that...

laurence timms said...

It's been you explaining script ideas to my wife while I'm away, eh? Why I oughta...


Cat's out the bag now. With the poo.

Happy Birthday btw.