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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

(119) 2008 Hi's 'n' Dohs...

So, the 2008 thingy, this blog's first one...

Hi's and Dohs:-


A big hi to all of you! My reason for starting the blog was "E - meet" some fellow scribblers and, good golly, I've met and become friends with plethora of great, friendly, talented Spec Monkeys and "real" scribes in my first year on the web.

So in that respect the blog has been an outstanding success!

Hopefully, it's entertained you a tad along the way...

I haven't installed a counter, (didn't think of it & don't know how!) but according to blogger's default one on the profile page over 2000 peeps who have browsed through have stayed long enough to check out my profile...and many have even returned!

Even got described as insanely personable by a fellow writer...

I've had some nice comments and great emails full of of advice and encouragement and even fan mail for the Contractors .

And I got to meet Michelle & Chip in person.

Also through the blog I've had two script enquiries from real Prod Co's which both flattered and delighted me.

One was for samples of my work to see if I would be right for their specific project.
Wasn't, but they want to keep in touch and possibly develop one of the sample scripts.

The other was for my High Concept Comedy disaster feature.
Ongoing, so watch this space!

I've won a couple of Blogger's competitions courtesy of Lucy and Elinor.
Thanks, girls, still reading my prizes.

I've learnt loads of tips and tricks from all the other blog sites, - check out any of the esteemed blogs on the "All you need to know" lists below.

I've both me-me'd and been me-me'd.
A year ago I didn't even know what a me-me was.

I've entered a few Script comps.

I've got two scripts in the BBc's Writersroom.
Well, in the pile at least...

I've written loads (which is what we're supposed to do) and built up a diverse portfolio.

I've joined Talent Circle and met some new friends there.

I got commissioned for a short Manga script by a record company.

I've become involved in spec TV project with a small team of "real" writers (as in it's their profession), which is very exciting and, touch wood, might go the distance!

I'm developing a full length Theatre play.

I've loadsa possible projects in my bulging "Ideas file".


Missed Martin's Scribo-meet by being on Holiday.

Crashed 'n' burned on the Red Planet. Again.

Bitched my Pitch for Stella Network/Channel 4 thing.

Son of a Pitch, did it again for the SWF 2009 thing.

The band folded, so the Manga script wasn't made.


All, in all, a great year!

Here's to this one!

What do you think?


Jason Arnopp said...

Happy blogday, Sheikster! You bring a nicely upbeat feel to the scribosphere. And great to hear you had a couple of nibbles at your work through the blog, too.


Thank you, Sir Jason.

What alovely thing to say!