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Sunday, 11 January 2009

(121) Sheiky's new website

Salutations Scribo-peeps!

Just popped in to let you know I've now got a posh, shiny, new scriptwriter web site.

For the big 2009 push.
Well, at least, it's another little shove to help get the push momentum going.

If you'd like to take a peak at the website and let me know what you think of it in the comments section here, I'd be mightily obliged, y'all.

It's over at http://commission-option.synthasite.com/



Jason Arnopp said...

Word up, Sheiks! Lookin' good, this site. Will there be a little bio about you, too (hopefully I didn't overlook one)? And my only real note would be that the italics make your Script section slightly less enticing to read. Nice.

Piers said...

I think if you're actually at the point where you're setting up a website to plug your work, and sending out screenplays, you ought to be doing both under your own name.

Time to step out of the shadows, methinks...

Michelle Goode said...

I spied his real name on his shiny new website! "Gareth Michael Turpie"

It's a good site, Sheiky. I'm not sure if I'd want to publish my ideas online though (which haven't already been explored/written) but as a whole the website seems smart and effective :)

Rach said...

Hey. Cool. Sorry, had a Zaphod moment there. And its got flashy lights too. Ooooh.

Back under control. Might be me but I find coloured backgrounds easier to read. Probably is just me though.

Looked at your completed work too. Who's been a busy boy then.


Thanks guys!

Jason - Good point, will ditch the italics. No bio though as I haven't done 'owt yet!

Piers - Another good point, obviously I do send out the screenplays under my own name, the Sheiky bit is/was just a bit of fun and to prevent joshing by (day) job colleagues...but you're right, - will change the title page on web site and add name.

Michelle - Well spotted. (It's hidden in the legal bit) You musta read every word!
Published the work as adverts/enticements. The scripts are all written, and the ideas are all written up/rough drafts or partially complete, so I'm happy to show 'em.

Rach - Yep, busy, busy. Have had a couple of sniffs and a good ongoing one, so might get somewhere!
Re coloured backgrounds: Hope you don't colour your scripts!
I experimented with black/blue background etc for website, but kept to white as I think it's more Pro/business like.

We'll see...

Cheers, Gareth (opps!- Sheiky)!


All done.

Italics and shadows vanquished.

Thanks for the help!