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Sunday, 15 February 2009

(127) Free! Writer's...

Free! Writer's keep fit kit...

That got you all popping back over. How are you?
Your blogs say your well/great/moody/procrastinating or even, a minority, actually writing!

Been bashing the old Qwerty like mad.
The sketch show is moving on quite a tad and the feature rewrite is on a final polish and will be sent off soon to an interested Prod Co!

Could something great be about to happen to your favorite Monkey???

Anyway, as we're all beavering away at our desks, the weather too cold/snowy/crap to you know, actually go out, and we're scoffing down those comfort biccies/chocs/cakes with the drip feed coffee, I became worried about our health.

We need at least a bit of exercise.

Yeah, but Sheiky, that takes us away from our writing...

Well, not any longer...

Ladies & Gents, Guys & Gals, I give you uncle Sheiky's writer's keep fit kit!

Your screen, your imagination to think yourself along side her and this hard working little giff...

Like all good exercise should be.

Keep writing!


Royce said...

I sued the Walt Disney Company and credited writers Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio. see photo proof on my website www.disneylawsuit.com

Royce Mathew

Michelle Goode said...

You cheat :P

Just make an excercise scene in one of your scripts and then go and do some as "research". Much more crafty ;)