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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

(143) Oh Sheiky, where for art thou?

Your favorite monkey is still here. Still bashing the old qwerty, though, must admit, not very frequently on the blog.

Which can be bad for you, I know.

The Doctors reckon you should visit your blog for a concentrated sitting at least once a day.

What? Oh, sorry, that's bog.

Sorry to see so many fave bloggers signing off, but on the other hand glad they're so busy with paying projects.

Actually getting paid to write, whatever next?

A script you've written actually being filmed?

Come on...I know fantasy is our business, but really....


Still coming close but no cigar.

Have had very good feedback on a few projects.

Two of which I'm re-writing whilst respecting the notes, two just seem to be ever changing policy/economic/timing decisions and one which just seems to be love being read by everyone who hasn't actually like, you know, got a cheque book. Or a studio. Or even a camera.

One still expectantly awaiting reply...

But networking and getting there is half the fun, all the experience and worth the education.

Joined this local gaggle of talented scribes http://dvmission.ning.com/ and http://dvmission.ning.com/events/dv-city-screenwriters-network.
Please them check out and feel free to join if you're anywhere nearby. Or have a car.
Our next meet is June 3rd, love to see you there.

I've responded to their requests for shorts and posted two of mine on the site for feedback, funding(!) and a rush of applications to film them(!!!).

I was requested to feedback on a new project by a top scriptwriter you all know. Flattered that my opinion was sought, I have sent back my notes in the hope they help. He'll probably never speak to me again!

Great to see Lucy, Danny, Tim and Robin are still keeping up the high standards of info, advice and opportunities over at their gaffs and that young Jase, Michelle, Chip, & Ollie are chasing Paul, Danny and James up the slippery script writery stardom ladder to success!

Congrats and well dones to all!

See you soon,
El Sheiky. xxx

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