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Friday, 29 May 2009

(144) Writers Opportunity

How do you break in as a Scriptwriter?

Go write, take the next write, write again, and keep writing!

"THEY" (cue creepy woo ha ha music and big, deep V.O.) want your horror script and only one hero can stop them...

Cheers to the great Sir Daniel for the generous heads up on the above.

And here's a coupla opps to chase via Talent Circle (free to join).



Has anyone else ever responded to anything on Talent Circle?

"Talent Circle has 46,000 members, making it the world's largest network of people working in independent film and production." apparently, so some of you must have. Let us know about it...

How did it work out? Great? Good? Bad?
Or as the actress said to the Bishop, Indifferent?

Still in contact?
Did it lead to better things?

Please let us know in the comments section, ta.
El Sheiky. xxx

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