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Thursday, 31 July 2008

(97) ITV's commissioning wishlist

ITV spells out commissioning wishlist:-
Now new director of television Peter Fincham has briefed his team, Broadcast reveals what ITV's commissioners want, don't want and can't go without.

"ITV spells out commissioning wishlist" from the "Broadcast" website. See if your project is what they're looking for or if theeir wants inspire you. Check it out here:-
http://www. broadcastnow. co. uk/itvcommissioning_wishlist

or, of course via your favorite Spec Monkey's blog here:-


Michelle Goode said...

Fantastic link,Sheiky.

"Eye-catching serials of between two and six parts are also on the agenda, but there are fewer opportunities for singles. Those that get commissioned are likely to have big name talent attached (think Daniel Radcliffe in My Boy Jack) and have the feel of mini feature films."

Bummer! I had a great idea for a two-parter that I thought would be perfect for ITV. Still, can't let that stop me. I must not let these types of comments put me off writing my ideas and pitching them! :D


Please to E "meet" you Michelle and glad to be of service.
Regards, Sheiky.


p.s. write your own thing-they cahnge thier minds all the time and they say they'll always commission great scripts...

Michelle Goode said...

Will do :D