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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

(104) Maybe...

Maybe I'll get the call from Red Planet...

Maybe not.

The great Russel T Davies tells us about another maybe, "The Maybe"...

"by the time I come to write, a lot has been decided. Also, a lot hasn't been decided, but I trust myself, and scare myself, that it'll happen in the actual writing. It all exists in my head, but in this soup. It's like the ideas are fluctuating in this great big quantum state of Maybe. The choices look easy when recounted later, but that's hindsight. When nothing is real and nothing is fixed, it can go anywhere. The Maybe is a hell of a place to live. As well as being the best place in the world"

Sounds familiar, does it not?

The great Paul Campbell, one of my "all you need to know" (UK) scribes, has a brilliant post about the doubts, triumphs and maybes of pro screenwriting here

Sums up why we do it. Or rather strive to do it. Maybe.

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