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Thursday, 9 October 2008


Hi gang!

Hope this might be good for somebody "out there"...

Only just got this- I know it's really LATE notice but some of you might have something to go and if not it's only a 100 word pitch on something you might have... The panel are mainly Doc makers but it does say drama or ANYTHING
I've sent 2 - it's free no postage so why not? You never know.
Good Luck,

Pitch it here:-

"Euroscript News
Pitch Up 2008
Pitch Your Idea to Channel 4
Urgent Deadline: this Friday 10th October
Just in from Stellar Network - it's a very tight deadline but we wanted you to see it:

Do you have an incredible new TV idea that you would love to pitch to the people who REALLY matter- the commissioners and executives? Stellar is teaming up with Channel Four for a major new TV pitching event which will allow you to do just that. "


Anonymous said...

Thanks 4 the heads up Sheiky.

Went to the site, agreed the judges look like they'd lean more towards documentary pitches, but gave my rom com a go. As u say "u never know"

Hope to see u there!!!



Glad to have been of service, Fran.
Best of luck.
Are you a boy Fran or a girl Fran?

Good luck to the others who entered 'specially those who emailed me to say thanks for the tip!
I got told off, in a very nice way, by the lovely Alexandra from the site for submitting two pitches...
Apparently it was only one per blagger, er I mean pitcher...
They're going to let the finalists know by/on Friday...

Watch this space!


Didn't get through?

Did any of you?

Hope one of you did...


See my first comment above...

Must of picked the wrong one to send through!

Didn't get the call. Did anyone you know?

Does anyone know who/what pitches got through and who won?

Was it a doc?

Anonymous said...

My rom com did not stir their cold hearts!!!
Did you go to the event?
Do you know what genre won?