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Thursday, 16 October 2008

(106) Updated profile, writing update and scripts

Updated my profile here and at http://www.myspace.com/sheikspear. Hope it looks more Writery. What do you think? All Comments welcome. How's your writing going? Mine's going well, thanks for asking, trying to finish/polish my 2008 Red Planet spec, but wouldn't you know, another brand new "blinding" spec idea keeps barging it's way to front of the muddled mind maze to crave development.

Different genre. Different era. So can't even sneak it in past the first ten pages already sent. Have to save it, on the usual scribbled bits of scrap paper*, for later. Unless the original protag falls into a time vortex or becomes a time traveller...Maybe he walks into this old fashioned Police telephone box and...

So, talking of time travel...

Here's something special to inspire you all:-

http://www. thewriterstale. com/scr. html Six scripts from the great Sir Russell T. Davies, OBE, including "Midnight" a true Master class (pardon the pun) in tight, gripping writing. Pure Class. Top education.
Read them!

* Anyone else do that? Use the blank back of letters/old scripts etc as notepads?
No? Well, you should now we're all supposed to be green!**
**That's green as in recycling, save the planet, roll the whale back into the sea, green. Not green with envy at those scripts...

Cheers, Sheiky

P.S. Just scene (seen-geddit?) Sir Daniel's gone all time travelly over at his "e" gaff too...http://dannystack.blogspot.com/2008/10/time-travelling-writers.html


laurence timms said...

Back of old letters for notepads? Luxury etc. Last night I tore a scrap of paper off the bag the chemist put my meds in and wrote on that.

Uh, that sounds bad. They're *normal* meds for *normal* illnesses.

Ah, that sounds even worse. I'm going to the bar.


Always carry a pen for when the ideas strike from out of the grey mist of inspiration. You can write on your hand if it's just a quick log line or your shirt if it's a scene.

Checked out your blog, great. Loved the Putin thing, might nick it later!

Enjoy your beer,Laurence, and hope you get well soon.

Nice to "E" meet you.
I'll have a beer with you some time . I'm a writer and I live in the UK too!

laurence timms said...

I have to admit the fab Putin thing I stole from somewhere else. Some dodgy link site. No names, no pack drill.

But a beer (or red wine, or even coffee) would be good, yeah.