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Monday, 1 December 2008

(111) Meet your Favourite Monkey in Person

Good ol' Auntie Beeb are giving you all a chance to meet Your Favourite Monkey in person at, I believe, a free event !

Yeah, apparently they'll also being giving out advice, Q & A sessions etc and accepting scripts. But you know it's me you wanna see...

Sorry for rather late post but only found out last night.
Must check in with Writersroom website more often!
WR on facebook here http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=35438074827&ref=mf

Anyone else going?

reply in comments section here or http://sheikspear.blogspot.com/
or email
Hope to see some of you! You need to book a seat via the site or the link above.
6:00 - 7:30pm, Thursday 4 December 2008

Sallis Benney Theatre
Faculty of Arts and Architecture
Grand Parade

***UPDATE*** Meeting the Lovely Michelle & the equally Lovely Chip.

Anyone else going?

Just look out for a Monkey riding a camel, a blood stained Halloween physco surgeon and a small dog with a Tommy Cooper Fez!
Hope you don't miss us...


Wing Co, ROYAL AIR FARCE said...

Tally Ho!
Love ta pop in but can't, old boy. On a mission. Bit hush, hush, don't ya know...


Just for you Mr Sheiekspear, and all you writer chappies and chappettes, I can drop the following intel...

New awesome aircraft pics over at http://royalairfarce.blogspot.com/

Whizz orf there now chaps to me sexy ground crew, what!




Nice to "see" you again Wing Co, Old Chap!

Cool new pictures, I've checked them out. Have the add on me, mate, it's nearly Christmas!

How's Afghanistan?

Wing Co, ROYAL AIR FARCE said...

Told you it was hush-hush, old boy and yet you tell the world where I am!!!!!

Awfully chuffed you like the pics.
Tell all your friends!

Toddle pip!

Wing Co

p.s. Have fun in Brighty.
I went camping there once and...