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Thursday, 9 July 2009

(155) Bin Writing?

"No matter how fast or slow you write, the only thing that matters is that you write... and finish what you write."
W.C. Martell

Yet another handy tip from the great Bill Martell

Here's another...

"If you've got a full time job and you're writing in your spare time, you want to maximize the time you spend writing." Bill says.

So he has these bins in his office on which he tapes the titles of proposed scripts.
Go on Bill, I'll let you tell 'em the rest...

"When I get an idea for a script, I start a bin. Then, whenever I have an idea for that script (dialogue, scene, character) I write it on a card and toss it in the bin. When the bin overflows it's time to write the script."

Hey that's clever, Bill, tell us more...

"Because I've thought through much of the story and have all of my notes in one place, I can usually finish a first draft in 4-6 weeks. When I worked at the warehouse I averaged about 3 scripts a year using the "bin method".
I never wrote a script that I didn't have a whole bin full of notes on."

Get the full story from Bill's Screenwriting Tips site at:-


Me, must be half way there...

My new script's rubbish...Now where's my bin?


Sofluid said...


I think I prefer the 5-mins on the toilet method, though ;)

Tim Clague said...

Same technique as used by HG Wells