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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

(154) Brain Battles - Yin - Yang, left/right

All a bit Yin - Yang, left/right side of brain battles at the mo'.

Building & Fitting the new Kitchen requires all my manly skills of strength, precise measurements, logical thinking and using a chisel to chase out the walls instead of ruining the heads of yet more screwdrivers. And actually reading the plan/instructions, before guessing where each bit goes...

My fluffy, dreamy creative side isn't left with much time to do too much, apart from jot down yet more ideas, scenes, one liners, images, etc which flash onto its mind's eye movie screen (with full Dolby digital sound surround of course)

And yet, doesn't writing a script require the Yin Yang approach?

The strength to finish it.

Precise plotting

Logical conclusion

A plan (beat sheet/outline) to follow

A chisel

Chisel, Sheiky?

Yeah, to chip away at unnecessary scenes, description, feeder characters, etc, - writing is rewriting. Keep it lean.

And of course, you need the fluffy, dreamy creative side to conjure the magic all up in the first place...


Dave said...

In my experience of fitting kitchens things can go one of two ways. Either when you are almost finished something like the roof blowing off takes priority and the kitchen never ever ever gets finished. Or you manage to completely finish right down to putting those little plastic things in the tops of all the screws and then you have to sell your house, because lets face it the house is never going to look this good again.

So commiserations on the unfinished kitchen or good luck with the sale.

Antonia said...

Well, good luck with kitchen and script. I like the chisel analogy. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my Blog.


Dave - a shed AND a crystal ball?

The house will be up for sale...

Antonia - No problem, good luck with the Latte fuelled script!

Dave said...

I can’t imagine where these psychic powers come from. Let's see, I bought the shed from an old gypsy fortune teller who told me it was made with wood from an enchanted tree which grew on an ancient Indian burial ground, so no clues there then.