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Friday, 7 August 2009

(159) Advice needed...

Hi ya Peeps! Thought I'd share this with you all from the Talent Circle site:-

"DV Mission 48hour Film Challenge 2009
Posted by Roy Hanney
Deadline: Nov 01 2009 | Organisation: DV Mission
Seeking: What is Dvmission? Teams are given a film title, genre and one line of script at 7:00pm Friday night. Each team then have 48 hours to get their 2 minute film back for 6:00pm Sunday night. The Premier is at 8:30pm and the winners are announced at 10:00pm.What does it cost to enter Dvmission? It is free and you get 10 tickets per team to the premier night along with the opportunity to win a coveted 'Pompey Oscar' along with other prizes!"

View full details here

I've signed up for it and collared a talented camera girl - with a working, (albeit prehistoric camera!) Our 48hr Challenge name is 2Scribes, check us, and the competition so far, out on http://dvmission.ning.com/groups/group/list

So, to the nub, my friends...

This blog has many multi talented readers, many of whom have shot, edited, lit and staged their own mini-epics...

Any advice on what to do, and perhaps more importantly, what to definitely NOT do?

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Many thanks to the Talented Tarentino's who emailed.