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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

(163) Short Film Workshop

Hi ya gang!

Thought this would be of great interest to any scribes local(ish) to Pompey.

And, yep, your favourite Monkey will be there...

From the DV City Screenwriters web site:

Wed 9th Sept - Writing the Short Film Workshop

* Posted by Roy Hanney - Mission Coordinator on August 14, 2009 at 10:26am in DV City Screenwriters

The workshop is intended to start the process of writing a short film script with the intention of submitting a first draft to the 2010 Screen South Digital Shorts programme In November this year. The workshop will include a screening and critical analysis of previous Digital Short winners from the last three years. An invited guest (TBC) with hands on experience of the scheme will also be in attendance to give a short talk and answer your questions. There will also be an opportunity to workshop your own “Premise Statements” as a prelude to developing your ideas further. The group will meet again to review draft scripts in October.

When: 6.30pm – 9pm Wednesday 9th September 2009

Where: The Lodge Arts Centre
The Gate Keepers Lodge
Victoria Park
Angelsea Road
Portsmouth, Hants

Cost: we share the cost of hiring the rooms usually around £2 each.

Preparation: If you would like to contribute ideas/premises to the practical ideas development workshop you must submit one or more premise statements to the DV City Screenwriters online group in advance (by Wednesday 26th August) by responding to this discussion. You can still attend the workshop presentations and participate in the practical workshops as an observer without submitting ideas.

Screen South Digital Shorts: Digital Shorts is a UK Film Council Funded scheme delivered through regional partners. News of this years scheme will be announced in the autumn. For more information go to: http://www.ukfilmcouncil.org.uk/digitalshortdigitalnation

It is quite usual for Screen South to require applicants to the scheme to have attended an Information Day in advance of the submission date. You can find out more about where and when these are happening here: http://www.screensouth.org/content.aspx?page=67

What is a short Film: this is a very broad question since there are a wide range of formats for this form of filmmaking. Generally anything under 15 minutes is usually considered as a short film. You can find out more about what Screen South think about this topic by reading the 2008/09 Digital Shorts Guidelines (attached).

What is a premise statement: a short statement of dramatic intent usually in the form of a title and a short sentence or paragraph outlining the WHO, WHAT and HOW of the story. Sometimes called a synopsis the premise statement is an opportunity to pitch your ideas and get feedback at an early stage of development. The attached document “What is a Synopsis” was produced by the Australian Film Commission and aims to try and answer this question.

Any questions please post to this discussion.

Guides/advice attachments:

* AFC whatissynopsis.pdf, 101 KB
* Digital Shorts Guidelines 2008-9.pdf, 188 KB

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