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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

(180) Direct from youtube...

48hr film challenge, Pompey Oscars! Here's the Winner's announcement page copied below...

We had 48hrs. You might have guessed that bit.

They pulled out 3 golden envelopes...

A past Winner selected one of them...

The teams were given:-


Genre: WEIRD WEST (Wikkipedia ref here)

Line of Dialogue: "WELL, NOBODY'S PERFECT"

And, (FX: BIG DRUM ROLL, MEXICAN TRUMPETS) Ladies & Gentleman, boys & girls, Sheiky's Blogging Corporation presents...

Our liddle movie...


rmarkyates said...

Really cool short man! Nicely put together in 48hrs and highly amusing viewing after a long day!

Great acting role by yourself, of course.

My favourite line in the film is "Where's all the goddamn horses!'

- Great stuff! :)


Thanks very much Mark!

Glad you liked so much. it was great fun to make, and, if you get the chance to a 48hr down there, I urge you to form a team and give it a go. (That's how I did it, I entered, then advertised for a team - I didn't even have a camera!) Big learning curve and you get to meet some great people!

Congratulations on your graduation!




p.s. will post my other film as soon as our top cameraman Adrian posts it onto youtube!