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Monday, 16 November 2009

(183) My second movie!

Actually it's my first one. It's just that due to some nuclear physics/time paradox techie bollocks , I couldn't get this one onto youtube until now...

As regular readers will know, I formed the team together to enter the 48hr film challenge. So, to make sure everyone cold actually perform like they said they could, and that all the techie, whizzy stuff (see, told you I'm a seasoned pro - I know all the correct film making terms, ahem!) really did work, I persuaded 'em all to do a trial run. Under Competition conditions. Report on the shoot here.

We got a total stranger to give us

Title: "Choices"

Genre: "Political Thriller"

Dialogue: "Now we can all get some sleep"

We had 48hrs. You might have guessed that bit.

And, (FX: BIG DRUM ROLL, JAZZ SAX'S and TRUMPETS) Ladies & Gentleman, boys & girls, Sheiky's Blogging Corporation presents...

Our first liddle movie...

See it on the big screen here: http://www.youtube.com/user/GarethAndsue

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