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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

(166) The Films - The Report

Hi Scribey peeps!

Hope you all had a great bank holiday. Yep, cheers, I did.

Last post I told you I was going to the "Shorts::Cut '09 screening @ No.3"

It was a great night. I met loads of talented local peeps, swapped some biz cards and chatted plot points and reversals over a nice glass of wine.

And we got to watch, and then vote on, some great films. All the films were good, from talented future names.

The best were, i.m.h.o.:-

Bloody Daisies - directed by David White. (Comedy) Two men are sent to a blind date with the same woman, but there's only room for one man in her life. Who will she choose? And why does she need a spade? (4 minutes)

A fun comedy-horror full of really great SFX and trick, sharply edited camera work.

Pesticide - directed by Cameron Kerr. (Animation) Has Bob's computer been possessed by a malicious virus intent on persuading him to commit murder, or is it his own subconscious trying to tell him otherwise? - 6 minutes

A clever comedy animation that must have taken ages to film.

Mark - directed by James Harrison. (Documentary) Professional BMX rider and local resident mark Webb ignores medical advice after breaking his back, and travels to China to compete in the international X-Games 10 minutes.

A good natured doc of an amazing local guy who overcame all odds (and a broken bike as well as a broken back to win the x games in China

It's got me all fired up for the 48hr film challenge

Can't wait for the next screenings!

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