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Sunday, 27 April 2008

(68) F***ing Computers!

F***ing Computers!
The P.C. died last week. Not poor old Plod, but my wonderful electronic friend who stores all my secrets.
And scripts!
Fizzed out, the bastard!
Yeah, I know. "Should have backed everything up or written it all via Scripped or Celtex etc".
Well lucky I did have most of it saved of my memory stick. But you know when you say I'll back it up again next week...

DON'T! Back it up now!

I'm gutted.
I've lost all the begining of my new script (the play) and some ideas/precis/outlines from the Ideas file.
It's also lost me a lot of time; all the swearing and faffing about trying to get the bastard fixed/ recovered/whatnot.
It got stuck in a "loop" and wouldn't do anything. Not even turn on or off.
Just sat there. Looping. And laughing at me. The evil looping, laughing electronic bastard!
Anyway, Mrs S got it going by re-loading the discs etc but of course, anything not on the stick got lost.
The sticky stuff has saved it's self to some bizarre sub-word form, so I'll have to copy and paste that into my downloaded again script smart gold (thanks auntie Beeb) to make it look nice and scripty again.

Anyone know if my "saved" stuff on the pc is still lurking about in there somewhere?
Or how I can recover it if it is?
I mean, they catch crooks and pedos who have deliberately wiped everything (they think) so maybe someone out there knows if I can recover my play? It was saved to my documents...

Anyway, Hello again, peeps, I'm back!

(unless the evil electronic bastard does it again...)


Jason Arnopp said...

Oh Sir, I'm sorry to hear that. Yes, backing-up seems to be the way ahead. I keep meaning to e-mail my work to myself at the end of every day, but of course the reality is often that my eyeballs are too busy dribbling down my face like hot wax.

Rach said...

Ah the good old backup. Can backfire. Like when you backup an empty file ontop of your original and loose a whole feature treatment. I'm not bitter. Nope.

Anyway, if you've reloaded files, or rebooted, the odds aren't good for getting old stuff out yourself. The police use expensive software to do it. It could be lurking there. You might need a salvage facility. Most cost money but I did find this.
Don't know if it is any good .

Rach said...

OK I messed up the link. Here it is .again.

Dave said...

Hi Sheiky. Most data is only ‘LOST’ when something is written over it, so you might be lucky. This page may help. I’ve not had to try any of them myself ‘YET’.

If you feel the need to get your own back on your PC try playing this.


Thanks guys.

Tried the the recovery discs but they just kept "finding" what I had already restored from the stick.
So the play's lost.
So I have to start it again.
I'm gutted but I'll treat it as a another rewrite...

Dave-Loved the revenge game!