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Friday, 11 April 2008

(61) TV Quiz spec

So, Amigoes buenos, the blinding idea for a new TV quiz show.

Got the all notes, but how do you write that up as a presentation/spec idea for the Prod Co's?

Any ideas/advice/examples around, anyone know?

Best to send a polite enquiry letter first, do you think?

I'm going to "script out" the set idea, teams, rounds etc with a few sample questions for examples of scoring and fun to be had.
Then polish it until it shines. Or at least until only the good bits are left!

And, apart from the obvious of noting the company/producer/etc at the end of current quiz shows, anyone know of any that seek/accept unsolicited ideas?

All comments/advice gratefully accepted!


Dave said...

What you have is called the “Format”. I know that the real money is being made from sales of this “Format” to different countries. I have no idea how you would go about keeping some rights to the “Format”. But if somebody does pick it up and you do manage to retain some rights you could be making BIG money. Do you think I used the word “Format” enough?

(Format + Rights = BIG MONEY)


Yep, gotcha Dave.
It's something to do with format...

Dave said...

Did somebody say “Format”?

Seriously, try to find out the company’s who make the TV game shows, have a surf around online and see if they accept spec submissions. Sorry I have no idea where this leaves you with regard to sales rights.

I did find this hope it’s of some use.

Dave said...

O.K. My apologies I should have re-read your post. You had already said about “noting the company/producer/etc at the end of current quiz shows”. But a good idea is a good idea, even if you nick it from somebody else.


No worries, Dave.
As it says "All comments/advice gratefully accepted!"

Even if a bit of it was mine...

Dave said...

Did a bit of searching and came up with three links.

GameShows.com “Contact Details For Game Show Companies” No email addresses I’m afraid.

Moneymagpie.com “Create a TV game show format” Not a long article but some interesting links at the bottom of the page.

TvFormats.com “Format Creation” Quite a long article.

Hope at least one of them helps. I’ll expect my consultancy fee in the post.


Thanks Dave!

Buy you and your missus a beer when I see you!