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Sunday, 13 April 2008

(63) DR WOW!

Don't suppose any of you have even heard of him, but there's a quiet unassuming writer chappie called Moran, or somfink like that, who's become a bit of a writing success and blogging legend...

Seriously, major CONGRATULATIONS to the great Sir James Moran of Severance fame (and, no doubt by now, fortune) for his Fantastic Dr Who episode!

Perhaps a certain Mr Moffat now has a rival?

If you haven't read James's blog before I urge to go here and read every word.
All the "back blogs". Everything.

James shares his frustrations and triumphs from beginning to write "Severance" or "Craw lodge" as he originally called it, right up to the triumphant Dr Who "The Fires Of Pompeii"

Hear from the great man himself here.

(You might have to scroll down the right hand column to "Writing The Episode")

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