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Thursday, 17 April 2008

(65) Ketchup...

It all happens in Blogworld on the scribosphere when you're not watching.
Just like Eastenders. Stop watching and that'll be the brave, award winning, step out of the box episode that everyone talks about!

Lucy's been declared "Spam" by blogger. (think they've fixed it now)

Piers has done a Dr Who and changed his face/body!
So if that is Piers, who was that?
Which one is the real Piers? Is he real or is he totally a BBC/The Mill cyber creation?
We need to know.

Dom has a shiny brand new 10 minute script he wants feedback on here

Dave's surfed like crazy and dug us up some great full of info and free read screenwriting and short film sites here

Rachael's applied for the BBC comedy college (Good luck Rach!) So has my Pro writer contact (good luck Carol!)

And the wonderful Robin and lovely Lianne have generously put up a list of screenwriting contest/script calls/opportunities dates for us here and here in a calendar form.

Phew! Thanks Guys!

As a tribute to regenerating Piers ( and indeed all Dr Who fans) here's an ace video of great regeneration scenes...

Doctor Who: Regeneration - Everybody's Changing


Jason Arnopp said...

Loving your work, sir! Plus the fact that this montage even includes the distinctly rubbish Colin Baker to Sylvester McCoy transformation. Still, guess there wasn't much they could do, if Baker was refusing to co-operate and actually take part!


An honour to have you post a comment, Sir.

Rob Stickler said...

Piers is definitely real, if slightly terrifying.

Dave said...

Colin Baker’s decision to not take part was sad but understandable. Things got rather bitter when he was sacked by Michael Grade. After the press got hold of it and stirred things up, I’m not sure Baker would have been let in the building. Still given that the show has always had a large fan-base of children, if I had been in his place I think I’d of done the filming.

Now where did I leave my Doctor Who anorak?