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Thursday, 10 April 2008

(60) Have you seen this spec monkey?

No, not lately. Because he's been on holiday! Had a great time, thanks, folks, - Mrs S and I were sunning ourselves, actually on the beach, in the Costa Blanca, Spain, whilst it was Snowing here in Enger-land. Unbelievable, eh? Only 2 hours away by plane. Even better with a cheapo flight, but your arms ache from all that flapping! They have to cut the costs somehow... Anyway, a Big up to superstar DJ RICKY , living the dream, on Exite FM and the gang for giving us such a great laugh. Again! And Hola to our new superstar DJ amigo Johnny F on rival Renegade FM and Mr Entertainments themselves, Johnny Zeller, daft old feller, and Dan "the man". Quaffing Champagne (ok, Cava!)in the sun with a gaggle of local celebs: that's showbiz! But I'm back now, so how you all doing? Have I missed anything? Commiserations to Dom as it now seems his short won't get made for now.
Danny "the guru" Stack's got some golden Tony Jordan wisdom beamed straight down from the Red Planet itself.
The Lovely Luce has written another several volumes of inspired advice for me to catch up on (how does she do it-I only went away for a week and a bit?) Robin Kelly's found a free script (or scripped )software and a video cast from Commissioners, Andrew Davies and Russell T Davies, among others. Rach has conquered writers block and got entries off for this and that, and Dave's shed has got bigger and better!
Wow! You've all been busy!

I've come back with not only a tan, but a notebook full of ideas to follow up.
I also gave myself some serious notes on my play as I mulled it over now and then.
It's amazing, the subconscious, the luxury of covertly thinking it all through without actually attacking the keyboard has given the play a new, bolder beginning and more of an edge to the characters.
I've really got to crack on with writing/rewriting it now.

Also came with, what I and Mrs S think, is a blinding idea for a new TV quiz show. Got the all notes, but how do you write that up as a presentation/spec idea for the Prod Co's?
Any ideas/advice/examples around, anyone know?
And, apart from the obvious of noting the company/producer/etc at the end of current quiz shows, anyone know of any that seek/accept unsolicited ideas?

Any comments gratefully accepted!

Well, got to go now...
I have a hot date!
No, not really, Mrs S wouldn't allow that!
I'm having a "luvvie" lunch/coffee with the successful PRO WRITER!
Yes, we've finally found a tiny gap in our busy schedules and are actually going to meet! Fingers crossed I don't disappoint or bore her to death with too many, probably really stupid questions!
Mustn't forget my business cards...


Dave said...

Only 2 hours (in the right direction) by plane. 2 hours north and you’re in a world of cold, and 2 hours straight up and you’re in....well....trouble.

Nice to hear you had a good holiday, while we’ve all been at home working. (Can you hear my teeth grinding?)

Last holiday we took I came back with a notebook full of ideas, which sorted themselves into a fully formed story. (Still unwritten.)


I was lucky the plane went the right way then!

Get that story written. Then sold!


Anyone got any where to send/how to approach advice on the TV Quiz spec?