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Thursday, 17 April 2008


All those screenwriting comps and script calls to enter as detailed in the previous posts?


Not enough time in the day to write all those scripts?


Just can't stop writing?

The Sheikspear-Acme writer's accessory company has the answers:-

1/ Drip feed coffee

2/ The writer's bed

Have a great Weekend!


Jason Arnopp said...

Is it motorised, sir? Can you steer it around the place?


If your script's good enough, apparently it will drive you all the way to Hollywood.

Well, Pinewood anyway.

'Cos, obviously you'd have to fly to Hollywood, and after all it's only a bed. Not a plane...

Rach said...

Can it drip feed hot chocolate as well? And supply a sweet little bushbaby to do my typing for me? Oh and it has to give head massages too. And have a DVD player with a stack loader of my fav DVDs so I can "research" while I dictate. Ooh...ooh...ooh and make that a team of bushbabies so they can do the housework while I get creative!


Rach, I think you're refering to Ghia De-luxe model. With the alloy wheels.