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Saturday, 29 March 2008


Hope you all had a great bank holiday weekend! As I said, we had freinds to stay, so the writing had to take a back burner for a few days.
Fortunately, the passion's still there, so I couldn't wait to get back to pounding the keyboard.
Unfortunately, as "real" work takes up the day (but pays the mortgage and provides the beer tokens) this meant late night coffees and screenwriting by candlelight!

So, began with a wee tad of Spec movie and Spec TV drama rewriting to get my alcohol befuddled brain back up to "show, don't tell" speed ( it was a great weekend!).

The Spec drama rewrite is helped enormously by helpful notes from Dom, who, funnily enough has a blog about rewrites here.

Then, the drama buds suitably enticed for more, I launched into the play.
Got to beat that June deadline.
And I mean really beat it, as I'm away the week before it, so mine has to be polished and in well by then.

Still, a bit pressure eh, can't kill you, can it?

Oh, apparently it can...
Well, it makes for good drama. Hopefully.

The plays shaping up well, in m.h.o. and is like nothing I've written before.
So, that means it's good! (lol)
The begining needs a tweak or two, but sets it all up nicely, and I actually like all the characters, including the weaker one (who needs working on)and I especially like the tormented baddie.
I have the middle and end plotted and on my ideas file, but, obviously being an organic entity still in it's creative flow, reserve the right to change all this in the rewrite(s).
It's on course, it's exciting to create it, I'm learning more as I write, and above all, I'm writing!
Which has to be good news!

But now, time, once again, has caught up with the page.

Yeah, yeah, I know we just had a long weekend...
But, as Mrs S said, flights are expensive on bank holidays, and cheaper the week after...so...

...we're off for a week of cheapo Sun!
I shall take my note book, of course, and will be thinking of you all.
I might even do a bit of writing if I get a bit of a lull in between all that exploring new waterholes and resturants...

Anyway, see you when we get back.
As you can see Her Majesty's packed her clothes, so I've now I've got put my shorts and 2 t-shirts in my holdhall. Good job it's only a week...



You all know I meant FRIENDS to stay, not FREINDS, who, of course, are nasty Alien beasties from my Dr Who spec script...

If you're reading this Russell, just give us call...

Rach said...

Like you'll really be scribbling ideas while burying toes in hot sand? Under palm trees? With a coconutty beverage masquarading as an umbrella stand? Right.

Have a lovely holiday.


Thanks Rach.
Lovely holiday and scribbled ideas while burying my toes in hot sand? Under palm trees? With a coconutty beverage masquarading as an umbrella stand. And a lager!
See next post...