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Thursday, 1 May 2008


Thanks to Rach & Dave for the shareware suggestions.

Unfortunately when I tried the recovery programmes they just kept "finding" what I had already restored from the stick.

So the play's lost.
I'll have to start it again.
I'm gutted but I'll treat it as a another rewrite. Only without the original crap script to go over and improve. And I've got a memory like one of those things with loads of holes in it...
A net?
No, the other thing, oh, wotsitcalled?
See, told you...

Still, mustn't be down. Part 1:

Two of Terry Nation's finest "Survivors" and "Blake's 7" are coming back as multi-million £ re-imaginations from the Beeb and Sky one respectively.
(loved the Sky commissioning editor Elaine Pyke quote "it is likely that Blake would be brought back as the central character."
Yeah. Ok. otherwise the title's kinda no good...)

Still, mustn't be down. Part 2:

Sir Daniel Stack's got a typically brilliant new post here to give you a bit of an uplift if you're suffering from a tad of a dose of writer's gloom.

Basically "Writers write. End of."
Great stuff.

Still, mustn't be down. Part 3:

And if you still need to let of steam, waste a bit more writing time, or just HATE YOUR COMPUTER have ago at this as kindly supplied by Dave.

Very therapeutic. And great fun. And strangely satisfying.

Anyway must go. Must write! (and remember to back it up STRAIGHT AWAY this time...)

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