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Monday, 25 February 2008

(36) Movie poster challenge

New reader Wing Co of the Royal Air Farce has asked us all (see comments on prev post) if we know where he can get web movie posters of old WW2 classics like "Dam Busters" "First of the Few" and "Reach for the sky" for his blog.

Anyone know of any?

I've directed him here, where they sell movie posters

Do you know of any more?

Be sure to check out his blog, Royal Air Farce, if you like beautiful/bizarre/interesting images, including this Thunderbirds one I've never seen.

Anyway, the ol' Wing Co got me thinking, why not do a "Your 3 favourite Movie Posters"
challenge around the scribosphere?

Go on you know you want to...

Here's mine...

The all time Classic...

Top Sci Fi, less publicised but even better than The Matrix...

And finally, Bond, James Bond...

OK, a bit of a cheat, 'cos I found this multi-one, but they're all classics, the 007's, in a good fun way and their posters are always entertaining.

So what's your three faves?


Anonymous said...

As a regular reader of excellent blog and the linked blogs I look forward to seeing some great movie posters! loved the Win Co's site too. Has he tried the library & scanning the picture for his blog?
I write short stories but am interested in films, but have a lot to learn.


Hi Ben pleased to E-meet you.

Thanks for the nice comment and, as you say, hopefully we shall see some great movie posters soon on the blogosphere.

As for your learnin' follow the links on the side "all you need to know" and look up my blogs 17,18 and 19 "Eddy Kayshun" for advice and help.

Wing Co, hope you're looking in...
Ben's got a good idea there if no else comes up with an old movie poster site


Thanks awfully, Sheikspear old bean. Splendid chap.
Benjamin, wilco sending Carruthers orf to the library pronto!


Any of you other scribbler chappies or chappettes have a lead on me posters yet?
Come on! The Royal Air Farce needs you, Britain needs you, Carruthers & I need you!

Rach said...

Well old bean my other half recommends


I've had a little gander myself, as you do, and found a few more sites that Carruthers might want to take a look-see at:-



then search on Film and War to get quite a few.

Hope this floats your boat. Oops. Sorry wrong service.

And welcome Ben. You may discover screenwriting is addictive but it's a lot of fun too.

Rach said...

Oh and I'll try and sort out my favourite film posters for a post. Err. If I can find some.

Rach said...

Done it. Posters now on display. Enjoy.


Thanks Rachel and Dave (link via Rach's - he's her old fellow)
Good posters!