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Saturday, 9 February 2008

(24) True Grit, True Brit

The Gene Genie is back!

The best all true Grit, true Brit British TV hero since Sharpe swaggered back on our screens on Thursday in “Ashes to Ashes” the eagerly awaited “Life on Mars” sequel.

Ok, so far it’s not as good, but then again it never really could be.

L.O.M. was fresh and original, with a great “what the hell is going on?” hook.
Everyone, including the new coma time traveller, knows what’s going on here.

But the new ones’ still fun, the bird’s gorgeous and hey we got big, bad Gene bashing the baddies again!

Ok, so he’s slipping into a bit of a parody of himself and the shows a tad too aware of his hero status with the big music build up and camera angles but it’s still a great show to watch.

I just wish they had had the bottle to do a straight Gene Hunt 1970s Cop show this time Yeah, I know he was only in Tyler's imagination etc, etc, but this is showbiz, they could 'ave ignored all that and given the fans what they wanted; Gene's classic one liners and his twisted way of doing the right thing! And lots of sod the rules baddie bashing ala Reagan & Carter!

Here are a couple of great sites well worth a peek…

The great actor himself

Loads of info etc

Everyone knows Philip Glenister stole the show in “Life on Mars”
But here’s another loving look at the other sadly missed real star from the show…

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