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Sunday, 10 February 2008


So many words, so little time

I read somewhere that this here writing lark is either famine or feast.
Haven’t quite got to gorging on big writery pay cheques yet but I do have a huge volume of writing to, er, write…

Finished Spec Movie first draft!

Although I’m really pleased with it, I’ve promised myself I’ll study and absorb all that there learnin’ I wrote about a couple of blogs back and put that new knowledge to good use on the second draft before I allow another pair of eyes to peruse it.

Top writer Dom Carver has reviewed and given excellent feedback, encouragement, and a few “no, no”s on my TV spec drama.

Now, reasonably enough, he wants to see the re-draft of that…

Another Top scribe, Sir Robin Kelly, is encouraging me to write my Reindeer Spec movie after feeding back on its synopsis (see previous posts)

Oh, yeah, and the Rom Com script, too

Meanwhile, I'm still hanging on the line awaiting Prod Co’s answer (or lack of it!) re Kids Spec

Probable rewrites there as well…

Then there's the other stuff which I have to do by Feb 29th…

Channel 4’s pitch in time (We still have time!)



And I’ve an outline for a play for the Windsor Fringe Marriott Drama Writing Award
(Oh, great idea Sheiky – you’ve not written a stage play before and it’s the same tight time scale again, Feb 29th)

Probably won’t make the play deadline (Nah, really Sheiky?) but the idea is begging me to give it a go…



Anyone else attempting either of these?

Anyone else have loads of “real” writing to be getting on with but still buggering about on blogs instead?

Come on then, let’s go and be creative now.

Write now!

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Elinor said...

Stuff the creativity, I have tagged you in a meme about film books.