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Wednesday, 13 February 2008

(28) Me? Me? Tagged?

That lovely gun totting nun, Sister Elinor http://lockandloadbridesofchrist.blogspot.com/
from the The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence faith, has me-me’d me with the magic words:

“Stuff the creativity, I have tagged you in a meme about film books”.


Looked it up and found it originated from formerly bloggless Martin http://afarawaycity.blogspot.com/ and whizzed round the scribosphere like a very fast whizzy thing, only to crash land here at the Oasis.

Apparently I must reveal my screenwriting books and then tag other poor scribes who should be penning their Oscar winners, so they can stop and do likewise.

Got it.
Wish I had more Movie books as I do most of my clever learnin’ and stuff on line (see prev posts on “EDDY KAYSHUN” and my links).

So here goes:-

Writing for Television: How to Write and Sell Successful TV Scripts by William Smethurst

A writer of numerous TV and radio scripts, BBC script editor, ITV executive producer of drama series, and now a director of an independent television company.

I found this book an absolutely brilliant introduction to my new career (‘ark at me.)

UK TV scriptwriter and producer (Jupiter Moon, etc) Mr Smethurst writes plainly and guides you through, starting with the encouraging line “Television needs you.”

Thanks William, tell them I’m on my way…

The Complete Book of Scriptwriting by J. Michael Straczynski

Fantastic book by top Hollywood screenwriter Lord Straczynski (Babylon 5, etc
he wrote 91 out of 110 episodes!).

This book is used as part of the course work in some Film schools apparently.

I found it a great read, Joseph (or Joe as I call him!) writes in an easy going entertaining way yet somehow remains informative and serious at the same time.

He starts with the history of films coming from theatre etc and includes loads of examples as he leads us through TV, Movies, Plays and animation – the guy’s done it all.

He even includes a Babylon 5 script to show you how it’s done!

James Bond Book of Movie Posters by Tony Nourmand

Classic artwork.
And some bizarre foreign 007 posters not scene (geddit?) over here.
Just Great.

Now, it’s my turn.

I tag/meme :-

Dom – (if he’s got time now he’s a movie scribe…)

Rach http://sharppencils.blogspot.com/

Robin http://www.robinkellyuk.blogspot.com/

Bill, if he wants to play from the USA! http://www.sex-in-a-sub.blogspot.com/

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Rach said...

Well you got me. I've done it and passed it on. The meme keeps on roving.