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Monday, 4 February 2008

(22) For Ramona

All the old songs tell you Saturday night’s all right for rockin.
Well, Saturday in the Capital really Rocks!

Olde London Towne shook on its historic foundations as Portsmouth’s own “For Ramona” rocked the St. Moritz Club, a trendy, intimate music venue somewhat reminiscent of the infamous Cavern Club with its painted walls and archways leading to the stage.

This exciting young band, currently surfing the very cusp of the big time, was ably supported by the gorgeous Miss Kitty, an exotic dancer who, er, jiggled rather well to the raw, vibrant indie rock belted out by El D, Mr A, Fish and Numbers, their guest bassist.

The guys took command of the diverse Soho audience right from the explosive thunder of Mr A’s stampeding drums opening. With the crowd totally mesmerised “For Ramona” turned the musical heat right to the maximum inferno setting.

Fish’s eloquent string teasing had his guitar weeping gentle melodies on the favourite tracks like “Little Sister” and “Easy Rider." He soon racked it up into roaring hard rock on other crowd pleasers like “15 miles from Nowhere”, and “Ain’t always a reason,” at times treating us to some very Edge like riffs.

The vocally versatile El D, effortlessly ranging from hard rocker growls to soft, haunting singing, led the band through a storming set.
Leaping to his feet to play rhythm guitar for the gutsy finale, he temporarily abandoned his beloved vintage Fender Rhodes electric piano which helps give “For Ramona” their distinctive sound.

As ever, the whole crowd had been transformed into hysterical fans and bayed for more, devouring the demo CD’s the band gave out after their devastating gig.

But don’t just take my word for it; do yourself a real favour, catch these boys live!

Gigs, demos and full band info at:-


Anonymous said...

El D said...

For Ramona wanna say thanx for the script, looks awsome, can wait to get it up on the page and get some art work put to it.

El D, for Ramona

03 February 2008 08:01

copy & pasted from earlier for Ramona post El D put it on...
Mr A


Thanks Guys!

A manga strip would look great...
Even better would be when they film it!