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Friday, 1 February 2008

(19) Eddy Kayshun 3

Big thank you to Lord Chris Soth of Hollywood who has sent me my prize from Lucy’s logline comp.

Only something called “Million-Dollar Screenwriting: The Mini-Movie Method” !!!!

Don’t ‘spose you’ve heard of it?


What a Great prize!

He also generously included an e-book made up of his first 4-5 interviews at his other website venture: HollywoodByPhone.com –

“where I interview working Hollywood Lit Agents, Manager and Producers for an audience of aspiring writers like ourselves every week. All the calls are recorded on MP3 and transcribed (eventually)”

Thanks Chris!

Check him out at


So, I’m going to finish my 90min Comedy Spec script as promised.
Then, spend a few days devouring Chris’s book and all the other ed-you-my–kayshunal material as described in the previous 2 posts.

Then try to remember it all!

Then apply what I’ve learnt to second draft.

Then compare that new, informed wonder with my previous scripts (See “about me”).

There should be a big difference.
Courtesy of that old learning curve.
Unless, of course, I was spot on to begin with…

Yeah, yeah, ok… I’ll be rewriting them too.

But they’ll be great this time!

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