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Thursday, 15 May 2008


Been a mad, busy week.
Just about got time to share one of my holiday snaps with you...

Pompey for the cup!

Have a great weekend!


ecnic alebric said...



Hola ecnic alebric!

Como esta?

Jason Arnopp said...

That giraffe's cheating. She's clearly on a step-ladder.

Rach said...

Or she's an acrobatic giraffe at the top of a pretty perilous pyramid.


Giraffes on stepladders?

Acrobatic Giraffes on pyramids?

Sounds like a pitch for a pretty crazy movie...

Rach said...

OK so they are in shades and trenchcoat, lugging violin cases. All orchestrated by an alcoholic ram stroking a hamster. Mwaaa haa haa.

Tried to think of a good pun title but there's a gerbil cage to scour. Over to you.

Dave said...

It’s the little known giraffe headed eagle,


A wing walking giraffe,


A giraffe on a very strong trampoline,


The plane is perched atop a very high mountain.



Necks window, please

High planes drifter

High how's zoo doing?

You're tall and handsome, I'm plane

Like your shirt-did you get it at necks?

Giraffe's eye view of the metal birdie

Smile - you're on Zoo tube

What are you doing in this neck of the desert?

Necks please!

Dave said...


O.K. one more joke...

"Y'know I'm sure the blueprints said we should put a wing there."


oh come on, lets have some more, we're on a roll...
How about...

"When they said window seat, I thought..."

"Are you cold? there's a bit of a giraffe here..."

"Psst! Want some cheap safari tickets?"

"Hey baby! Can I sit necks to you?"

"30,000 feet? You're having a giraffe!"

"I spy with my little eye, something begining with G..."

"I thought when thish pished, you saw pink ELEPHANTS..."


Still wanna see the wing walking,trampolining, step ladder carrying, acrobatic giraffe in shades and trenchcoat, lugging violin cases whislt on a pryamid chasing a alcoholic ram stroking a hamster, movie though.

How IS that script coming?

That'd win the necks Red Planet comp

Dave said...

Girrafe to go to school to learn pun-manship like that?

Dave said...

That would have worked a little better had I spelt giraffe correctly. I think my fingers have dyslexia.

Rach said...

Giraffe to keep on?
Ewe are awful.
I can't take any moray this.
I'm lion down for a while.

And it's too high budget. Red Planet will find the giraffe's hourly rater is to high and the hamster won't work for peanuts.