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Saturday, 24 May 2008


What do you mean the rewrite took ages?

Have a great Holiday weekend!
Don't let the keyboard take over your life too much...
Take a walk, have a day out, watch a live band, see a movie (as in relax, enjoy and actually watch it - not study plot points, character arcs, etc), go down the pub...


Catch up on some reading...

Some essential new posts of wisdom from those who know:-

Danny, Phil, Danny again, ( his blog is ALWAYS a must read) and again, (told you) Sir James Moran, Paul, Dom

Have a good 'un!


Rach said...

Taken note and off to see Indiana this weekend.

But staying off the keyboard? I need to wean myself off via pencil and paper first so please give me 6months notice on that advice next time.

Elinor said...

I watched Constantine on a big-screen TV. Does that count?


Hope you both had a great time and are refreshed for next week's writing.

We saw Indy this weekend as well.
Old and bold and still got it. Indy was ok too!
Never seen Constantine, any good?