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Thursday, 22 May 2008


Well, what a week that was! Writing wise lost the weekend (again), but this time to Pompey's F.A. Cup win and celebrations, so didn't really mind. Too much. The Beeb officially announced that the brilliant Steven Moffat will take over from the equally brill Sir Russell T. Davies on Dr Who.
And I actually knuckled down to some serious scriptwriting in the week!

Like James Moran on heat (but with fewer projects on the go and with less talent!) in a mad (and sadly all too rare) bout of keyboard frenzy I've resurrected the lost play for Bruntwood. It looks better, feels a tad fitter (trimmed some fat) but with only 20 days 'till the entry deadline the pressure is on. It still has a long way to go to live up to it's outline but I've got the "buzz", the excitement back for the project. I must admit I've struggled with this one, not only against the Evil computer, but also the restraints of the stage. That other Shakespeare fellow has certainly gone up a lot in my estimation!
After some serious dithering, procrastination and general failing to come up with any sustainable ideas, I've also made some in roads into a script for the Beeb's Sharps initiative . That 'the nation's health' remit had me stumped for a while.
And if all that's not all, for "relaxation"(!) and, mainly, to get me in the writing mood, I managed to translate some insane jottings from my scribble pad into a couple of funny (hopefully - but hey, comedy is a funny thing to write...) sketches for later use.

...Oh, and this time they're all saved on memory stick, sky drive and emails to my work's computer...

How's your projects coming along?

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