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Thursday, 31 January 2008

(18) Eddy Kayshun 2

Our Saviour, Her Majesty Lucy Vee, has been at it again.

I mean of course, more great, educational posting, with a very helpful list and links to articles to save to refer to as we plough through our 2nd drafts.

Take a gander at http://www.lucyvee.blogspot.com/
(This web link should be tattooed on your arms by now!)

It’s all about the eternal screenwriting quandaries:

Should we/shouldn’t we/how do we direct from camera, scene/character description etc

Too much black on the page/not enough engaging story covering the white page.

It’s the getting it all right (write!) that’s the difference between a spec sale and the recycling bin.
But that’s the challenge we’ve all accepted.

Good luck!

The general golden rule is “Less is more”

Here’s my favourite opening scene I've saved to refer to when I'm trying to keep the script trim .

I think it's brilliant the way it sets up the Character in one simple paragraph.

It tells you He's lean, keen, job obsessed, hi tech & takes his girl for granted.

The spearmint description gets me every time!

Series 1, Episode 1
Matthew Graham


Close-up - photograph. A small boy - 4 or 5 wearing an
oversized policeman’s hat. Freckles. Toothy grin.
Reflected in the glass of the photo - a dozen separate News
24 items explode onto a plasma screen.
The widescreen TV spews up a giddy-making cocktail of current
affairs. These images usher in a fast set of very
contemporary TITLES.
The TV with Dolby 5.1 dominates one half of the apartment and
holds the attention of SAM TYLER. This room with its beams
and varnished wooden floor has been converted from some vast
Victorian factory.
SAM himself is smart, lithe, mid-30’s. If he were a flavour
he’d be spearmint. He is talking into his mobile and
negotiating the News 24 menu simultaneously. Girlfriend MAYA
cradles her coffee, watching him.

The biz, innit?
Then, whoosh, we're off into the story.

The full version is availiable in the script archive at http://www.bbc.co.uk/writersroom/insight/script_archive.shtml

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