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Monday, 28 January 2008


So, what a week!

Yeah, you’re right - didn’t finish spec.
But at least this week’s excuses are good ‘uns…

Started new Real Job, great, change of scene, yeah, yeah, etc, but, obviously, that took away quite a bit of writing time.
These people! What are they like?
They expect you to turn up and everything…you know, do the actual work thing…

Writing Update:-


Top Rock Band For Ramona have commissioned me to write a short script based teaser for their web site. They love the first draft and it should be on their site and/or next album soon!
C’mon record company guys – it’d make a great video…

Re-wrote two spec script outlines and sent them off to be reviewed by the great Robin Kelly.
Had to type ‘em up nice, because my idea of an outline is manic scribbles in my notebook.
Must admit, Robin’s way is better.
As I’ve said, he gave me lots of good feedback I’ll try to work into the scripts.

Spec comedy script first draft 90% finished.
I really wanted to be able to say, “Yeah, done it, now for the rewrite” but somehow it just didn’t get there. I could’ve rushed it to the climax (ooh-err!), because after all only I see the first draft, but somehow it felt false that way. The script seems to flow along quite fast and surprisingly coherently so I dunno, I carried on that way and run out of time for this update.
So, for next week - Finish the Spec, and the polished version for the band.


Rach said...

Hey, big congratulations. Hope the commissions keep coming.


Thanks Rach, so do I!

We all have to start somewhere and who knows where it could it lead...

Exciting ain't it!